Page 40 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Refrigerators no larger than 4.6 cubic feet are
permitted in the rooms but must either be
plugged directly into an electrical outlet or into a
UL approved power strip.
In any case where an extension cord is used, the
cord must be plugged into a UL approved power
College furniture in a residence hall room may
not be removed from the room or dismantled.
Any outside furniture brought into the residence
hall is subject to approval by the Director of
Residence Life.
No water beds are permitted in the residence
The common rooms and the laundry room in
each residence hall are the only areas where
ironing is allowed.
T.V. and stereo sets are permitted in the resi-
dence halls. If usage of such is deemed disrup-
tive by a Residence Life staff member, the resi-
dents will be instructed to remove the item(s).
a. Any set used in the suite lounge must be
installed with the approval of the Hall Director.
b. Any set installed in a student’s room must be
with the agreement of the roommate.
c. All sets must be in good working order and
free from hazardous defects.
Soliciting and peddling are prohibited in the resi-
dence halls except with the written permission of
the Director of Residence Life.
A student may not have in plain view distasteful
or pornographic pictures or posters in the resi-
dence hall.
Ceiling fans are not allowed.
The ledges beneath the windows of Margaret
Daniel, Cullen Daniel and New Men’s Residence
Halls are for emergency use only.
Screens are placed on all windows of the resi-
dence halls. Removal of these screens for any
reason will result in a $25 fine.
Painting a residence hall room is prohibited.
Each student is responsible for the general con-
dition of the premises assigned to him or her,
including damages, defacement, and general
order. Charges for damages or defacement in
addition to a 75.00 fine will be assessed to the
occupants. Charges for damages to or deface-
ment of any area in common use, such as bath-
room, lounges, recreation room, or corridor may
be assessed equally to the residents of the area.
Weapons are not allowed on campus (see
Weapons Policy).
Sand is not allowed inside any campus residence.
Fire Prevention:
No occupant or visitors will be permitted to col-
lect and/or assemble any amount of material which
would constitute a fire hazard anywhere in the resi-
dence hall area.
There shall be no open flames or open fires of
any type permitted in the residence hall area.
Incense and candles are not permitted.
Any person who starts an open fire or flame,cre-
ates a fire hazard of any kind by collecting explo-
sive or highly flammable material in his or her
room, or tampers with any fire safety equipment
will be subject to a $75.00 fine, in addition to
any maintenance cost, and will be subject to
expulsion from the residence halls as well as
further sanctions from the College.
Fireworks of any type are strictly forbidden any-
where on campus. Use of or possession of any
type of fireworks will result in a $75.00 fine
and/or expulsion from the residence halls.
Fog machines are not permitted in residence
halls or anywhere in Greek houses.
Smoking must be at least fifty feet from any resi-
dence hall.
Cooking not permitted in the residence hall
rooms; cooking may only be done in the desig-
nated area provided. Unauthorized appliances
may be confiscated by a residence life staff mem-
ber. Unauthorized appliances include but are not
limited totoasters, ovens, hot plates, indoor grills
and oil-based popcorn poppers. George Foreman
type grills are permitted in the Hilltop Village
Residents should avoid plugging in a series of
power cords together to reach an appliance.
Power cords with frays or cracks should never be
utilized. Power cords should not be run under
doorways or other objects.
Use of hookahs inside of any campus building is
strictly prohibited.
A. Room searches by civil authorities may be con-
ducted in accordance with local, state, or federal
B. Room searches by College authorities may be
conducted under the following circumstances:
A college official, actually observing or hear-
ing what he or she reasonably believes to be a
violation of the Housing Agreement, the poli-
cies of the College, the Student Code, or of
civil law, may enter any residential facility at
any time, without warning, to conduct an