Page 39 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

time within which this visitation option may be exer-
Compliance with the Visitation Option System is
considered to be a part of the student’s obligation. It
is a student’s responsibility to be aware of the limita-
tions of the Visitation Option System which they
chose. If a student who chooses the 10-1-2 visitation
option does not follow the associated restrictions,
the student will be in violation of Residence Life
policy and will be required to meet with a member
of the Residence Life staff. If both roommates wish
to change their visitation option to either Option 24
or Option 10-1-2, they may do so by contacting the
Director of Residence Life.
Quiet hours are to be observed in all of the on-
campus housing areas and on the residence hall
quadrangle between the hours of 8 P.M. and 8 A.M.
During exam period the campus observes 24-hour
quiet hours from 8 P.M. on the last day of classes
until the end of the final exam period. Quiet hour
violations are defined as any excessive noise that dis-
turbs residents in a living area.
Acts of inconsideration are (a) Excessive noise by
either host or guest in a living area. (b) Abuse of the
right to privacy of a roommate or suite-mate (c)
Behaving in an unruly manner while either as a
guest or as a host in a living area including excessive
noise and/or damage to the living area of the inhabi-
tants. The resident in question may be subject to dis-
ciplinary action or referral to the Social Conduct
Cohabitation occurs when an
individual resides in a residence hall room or apart-
ment that they are not assigned to. Cohabitation is
prohibited and the resident in question may be sub-
ject to disciplinary action. Excessive visitation result-
ing in the disruption of a living area or an infringe-
ment on the privacy of a roommate is also prohibit-
ed. Continuous violations of this policy may result
in removal from college housing.
Guests may be entertained in the resi-
dence halls in compliance with the visitation option
of the person(s) they are visiting. The host is respon-
sible for his or her guest(s). The host is responsible
for informing his or her guest(s) of the regulations of
the residence hall, and will be responsible for any
fines incurred by a guest. All Birmingham-Southern
College students are responsible for knowing the
College’s residence hall regulations.
Only small, quiet parties that are wholly
contained within the room of the host(s) are permit-
ted. The noise level may not be disturbing to neigh-
boring resident students. The host(s) assumes the
responsibility for the conduct of guests, but all indi-
viduals present may be held responsible if a violation
of College policy occurs.
These include liability for, or insurance against,
personal loss or damage; care and cleaning of rooms,
care of common areas, maintenance of health and
safety standards, payment for excess wear or
damage to College property, or content of any
communication posted in the residence hall or on
the bulletin boards.
It is the responsibility of the resident to keep
their room reasonably clean and safe from hazards.
Health and Safety Inspections are conducted several
times throughout the year by Residence Life staff
members. If a student does not keep their residence
clean and/or free from hazards, residential violations
may range from a fine to removal from the residence
Restriction of Use of Rooms:
Use of bed lofts, ramps, cinder blocks (covered
and uncovered) and other such structures that
elevate furniture are strictly forbidden. Store
bought bed risers no higher than six inches are
Use of nails and double sided sticky tape is for-
A residence may not be used as a sales room or
for the storage of merchandise.
No items, materials, or pictures which are visible
from outside the window may be hung or dis-
played in residence hall rooms.
Students may not keep pets of any description
inside or outside of a residence hall room. The
only exception is small fish housed in an aquari-
um that does not exceed 20 gallons.
Room occupancy other than by those persons
assigned, or by registered guests is prohibited.
Gambling is prohibited in the residence halls.