Page 34 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

The College encourages the invitation of a wide
range of speakers representing opposing viewpoints
on a variety of issues to speak at Birmingham-South-
ern College. Although the College aspires to main-
tain an open speaker policy, the campus community
must recognize its responsibility to prevent unrea-
sonable harm to the institution through its speaker
programs. However, this responsibility will ultimate-
ly rest with the President of the College, whose
office should be informed of any anticipated invita-
tions to well-known individuals, politicians, or con-
troversial figures. Under these guidelines, members
of the College community may use the facilities of
the College for the purpose of hearing speakers of
their choice, provided:
The engagement is properly registered on the
Campus Calendar five class days before the date
the event is to take place.
Suitable facilities are available at that time.
The event is sponsored by a registered organiza-
tion of the campus or by a group within the
campus community willing to assume formally
the responsibilities for the promotion of the
event. The meeting should be held in good con-
duct and in the spirit of fair inquiry. Respect for
the rights of all parties to be heard with deco-
rum and courtesy should be maintained.
Disagreement between any elements of the cam-
pus community concerning the invitation to or
appearance of any speaker on the campus may be
referred to the President of the College.
It should be understood that sponsorship of
guest speakers does not necessarily imply approval
or endorsement of the views expressed, either by the
sponsoring group or by the College. The College
cannot protect any speaker from state or federal
prosecution for alleged violation of valid laws relat-
ing to treason, sedition, obscenity, or slander.
Birmingham-Southern College recognizes the
role of information and technology in the academic
community and in the larger society. It is the policy
of the College to provide all students, faculty and
staff with access to a variety of technology resources
and to provide opportunities for all members of the
college community to learn to utilize these resources
effectively and efficiently. In return, the College
expects that technology will be used in legally and
ethically appropriate ways, consistent with the mis-
sion statement and goals of the College. This docu-
ment explains and defines policies for use of tech-
nology resources of the College.
General Policy Statement
The primary aim of the College in providing
information and technology resources is to support
the educational, instructional, and administrative
endeavors of the students, faculty, and staff of the
College. It is the intent of the College that all tech-
nology resources will be used in accordance with
established policies of the College and with any and
all local, state, and federal laws, and/or guidelines
governing the use of technology and its component
parts. Implicit in this is the expectation that all stu-
dents, faculty, and staff will utilize the technology
resources of the College so as not to waste them,
abuse them, or interfere with or cause harm to other
individuals, institutions, or companies. As is the case
with most community resources or facilities, users
are expected to balance their own needs against the
needs and expectations of other users.
As an academic community, the faculty, students,
and staff of Birmingham-Southern College honor
intellectual property, respect the privacy of data, and
recognize the rights of others. Individuals who
access College computing resources incur the
responsibility to use those resources in an ethical
manner. This policy (or electronic code of ethics)
requires all computing activities performed on Col-
lege equipment to be legal and ethical. The policy is
based on adherence to U.S. copyright laws and
respect for intellectual labor and creativity as vital
elements of the academic enterprise.
Access to College Technologies
The electronic resources and technologies of the
College are intended for the use of students, faculty,
and staff of the College. Use of such resources is
limited to those members of the College community.
Authorized users are assigned user accounts and
passwords by the Information Technology staff. Indi-
viduals may only use accounts, files, software, and
computer resources that are assigned to them under
their user accounts. Individual members of the Col-
lege community are expected to take all reasonable
precautions to prevent unauthorized access to files
and data and any other unauthorized usage within
and outside the College.