Page 31 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

to the general public or to groups beyond the
College community without the permission of
Student Development.
Birmingham-Southern College students who
bring guests to any campus social event are
responsible for the actions of their guests.
Identification (Student I.D. and/or Driver’s
License) will be checked upon entering student
activities for any event at which alcohol may be
present. Only those of legal drinking age may
bring alcoholic beverages into the event.. Rea-
sonable limits will be set.
No glass containers may be taken into any stu-
dent event.
The use of fog machines is prohibited in all loca-
tions due to the sensitivity of smoke detection
The use of sand and sand bags is prohibited in
all locations unless being used for an official pur-
pose and provided by the BSC
Operations/Landscaping staff.
Fraternities and other student organizations are
required to have at least one Campus Police
officer present for parties where bands have
been contracted. The correct procedure for
booking an officer is to email the request to
Deputy Chief Carl Wilson
Sgt. Jeff Harris
), and Chief
Randy Youngblood (
). Carbon
copied (“cc”) on these emailed requests should
be Vice President for Student Development
David Eberhardt
) and Assis-
tant Director of Student Activities Kyle Lo
Porto (
. Requests for officers
to be present at band parties must be made no
later than Monday at 5:00 p.m. for band parties
planned for the following Friday or Saturday
evenings. Once the request is processed, Deputy
Chief Carl Wilson will reply to the person
requesting the officer with confirmation of the
request having been received and processed.
Campus police or other security may be
required at a student organization event, a deter-
mination of which is left to the discretion of Stu-
dent Development.
All bands contracted to play by student organi-
zations must not play past 12 midnight on Sun-
day through Thursday evenings and 2:00 a.m. on
Friday and Saturday. Outside band parties are to
be held after 12:00 noon and must be pre-
approved by Student Development. There are no
There may be an appropriate charge for rental of
campus facilities for student events and parties.
The College expects all student organizations to
comply with their affiliated inter/national organiza-
tion policies with regard to risk management and
social host regulations (if such organizations and
policies exist), as well as all the policies and proce-
dures in this Student Handbook. Failure to do so
will result in disciplinary action.
A. Band parties on Fraternity Row must be held on
weekends only (Friday and Saturday). In the
event that the College is closed on a Monday or
Friday due to a holiday, Thursday or Sunday
evening band parties must be pre-approved by
Student Development.
B. For all parties which are held on Fraternity row,
the music (whether a band or stereo) shall be
over by 12 a.m. on Thursday nights and 2:00
a.m. for Friday and Saturday nights.
C. For parties using stereo or acoustic music, the
volume must be kept at a reasonable level. The
use of outdoor speakers must also be kept at a
reasonable level. This level will be determined by
Campus Police.
D. The fraternities must ensure the proper place-
ment of the band its loudspeakers. Each
fraternity is responsible for knowing the proper
placement of a band in its particular house. If
the band is not properly placed, it will be shut
down until proper placement is achieved.
E. Noise complaints will be handled as follows:
Upon the first complaint, the responding
Campus Police Officer will contact a
fraternity officer, and if necessary, request
the volume level be lowered to a reasonable
level. All this information will be document-
ed to include the fraternity member respon-
sible for the party, time of complaint, com-
The second complaint will be handled in the
same manner as the first complaint, pending
the cooperation by the fraternity to address
the complaint. Campus Police has the
authority to confiscate speakers at this
Upon the third complaint, the Campus
Police Officer will terminate the party and
confiscate the speakers. This information
will be forwarded to the Dean of Students
for appropriate sanctions as specified in the
IFC by-laws.
If any noise complaint is received after 1:00
a.m. .(Sunday thru Thursday) and 3:00 a.m.
Friday and Saturday, the stereo or acoustic