Page 30 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Students may sign a FERPA Academic Privacy
Rights Waiver form, giving a designated individual
usually a parent or guardian) access to their acade-
mic information. FERPA also allows academic infor-
mation to be shared with parents/guardians who cer-
tify their student is claimed as a dependent. The
waiver form is available at the Records Office web-
The Academic Records website provides a
FERPA tutorial that fully explains the policy
Students may at times deem themselves to have
been treated by representatives of the College in a
manner that falls outside of appropriate and reason-
able standards of fairness, integrity, or appropriate
execution of duties, particularly regarding the imple-
mentation of policies, processes, and procedures of
the College. When such circumstances occur, stu-
dents are encouraged to address the matter directly
with the individual(s) who gave rise to the concern
through personal or electronic contact, when appro-
priate. Students may wish to consult with the coun-
selors in Counseling & Health Services or others
professionals in the Office of Student Development
for guidance before addressing the issue.
If direct contact is not appropriate or does not
lead to a timely resolution of the concern, students
are encouraged to seek resolution by contacting
appropriate officials of the College. For concerns
related to academic issues or academic-related
employees of the College, students should contact
the Assistant Provost in the Provost’s Office in
Munger Hall, 2nd floor. For all other concerns, stu-
dents should contact the Vice President for Student
Development in the Norton Campus Center, 2nd
floor. These officials will meet with students as soon
as is reasonably possible, and may assist them in
working with other College officials as appropriate
see specific notation below) or may request stu-
dents to submit a written statement to initiate a For-
mal Complaint. After receiving information from
students, these officials will investigate the matter
For issues of discrimination and harassment,
please consult the Student Handbook sections which
delineate designated contacts depending on the con-
text of the complaint.
Students with complaints against the institution
generally, which are not resolved by the College,
may wish to contact the primary accrediting body of
the College, the Southern Association of Colleges
and School (SACSCOC) at (404)-679-4500. Com-
plaint procedures for SACSCOC may be found on
the SACSCOC website at
Social functions that are advertised or involve the
contracting or hiring of entertainment are required
to be registered by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday
prior to the scheduled event. Party Registration
Forms are available in Student Development and
online for all student organizations. The responsible
student organization must provide a typed guest list
to Campus Police at least twenty-four hours prior to
the scheduled event. Guest lists must alphabetically
list members of the student organization by last
name, with the first and last name of corresponding
guests (non-College community members) for which
each member is responsible.
Student organizations are responsible for adher-
ing to all remaining campus policies associated with
hosting a social event on campus. These policies
include guest lists, the checking of IDs, and use of
wristbands for events where alcohol is available or
allowed. Failure of any student organization to
adhere to any policies in this Student Handbook will
be subject to disciplinary action by Student Develop-
ment. Greek organizations may also be subject to
the disciplinary procedures of their respective Inter-
fraternal organizations at the College and their char-
tering inter/national organizations.
Permission to host band parties on campus dur-
ing the week (Sunday evening through Thursday
evening) must be requested from and approved
by Student Development.
All events held during the week must end by
midnight. Events held on Friday and Sat-
urday must end by 2:00 a.m. unless special per-
mission is granted.
All student events held on or off campus are for
Birmingham-Southern College students and
their guests only. There may be no open parties
at any time and there may be no advertisements