Page 24 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Students may not have open flames in their resi-
dence hall rooms or apartments. Additionally, out-
door fires for recreational or disposal purposes are
not permitted without the permission of the Office
of Student Development. In cases where permission
is granted, a permit from the City of Birmingham
Fire Department will be required.
Birmingham-Southern College strictly forbids
any type of sexual violence among its students. Sex-
ual violence occurs when any type of sex-related,
physical behavior occurs by one person (perpetrator)
against the will of another person (victim). Such vio-
lence also occurs when an individual is unable to
give consent for the sex-related behavior, due to
their use of alcohol, drugs, or other reasons for their
inability to knowingly give consent for a sexual act.
Examples of sexual violence include rape; sexual
assault, battery, and coercion; and forcible sodomy
or fondling.
When determining if a violation of this policy has
occurred, the standard to be used by any conduct
authority is whether the preponderance of the evi-
dence indicates that a violation is more likely than
not to have occurred, versus a standard of clear and
convincing evidence used in many other conduct
proceedings at the College. Investigations of sexual
violence by students and related hearings will be
conducted expeditiously. A paramount consideration
in completing the investigation and conducting hear-
ings regarding any alleged sexual violence will be the
health, availability, and wishes of the alleged victim.
The process through which violations of this policy
are heard and determined, and then sanctioned, is
under review and development during the
academic year. Current information will
be available on the College’s website and from the
Office of Student Development.
In addition, educational programs are presented
each year on the topic of sexual violence. Additional-
ly, the Director of Personal Counseling is available
to educate and consult individual students and cam-
pus organizations on this issue.
In immediate circumstances, try to remain calm
and if possible, seek help from a friend, Resi-
dence Life staff member, or someone else you
trust and alert.
Preserve all evidence. Do not change your cloth-
ing or take a shower. Also, do not remove items
from the area where the incident occurred.
Remember that this is necessary should you
decide to pursue this matter in the future.
Contact Campus Police to report the incident
They will inform you of your
options, including speaking with appropriate indi-
viduals and counselors from BSC or beyond cam-
pus, as well as speaking with appropriate law
enforcement officials. They will be able to make
emergency contact with others on your behalf,
including the individuals from the College listed
below. You will not be required to speak to any-
one you do not wish to about this incident.
For assistance following an assault, whether
immediate or after some time has passed, the fol-
lowing offices and individuals will be available in
addition to Campus Police, who will assist you at
any time with a complaint of this type (these
individuals can be reached in emergencies by
Campus Police):
Counseling and Health Services: 226-4717
Sara Hoover: 226-4717
Jason Hoover: 226-4717
Student Development: 226-4729
David EberhardtL 226-4722
Ben Newhouse: 226-4725
Residence Life: 226-4726
Tommy Murphy: 226-4723
Valerie Shayman: 226-4726
Birmingham Rape Response Hotline: 323-7273
Also, you may want to talk with a Hall Director,
any Resident Advisor, or a peer S.O.S. student
counselor who are all trained in responding to
students following such incidents.
The option of contacting appropriate law enforce-
ment officials will remain available to you, and
Campus Police will be available to assist you at
any time with this process.
The conduct process through which alleged viola-
tions of the Sexual Assault Policy are heard and
determined, and then sanctioned if violations are
found, is under review and development during the
academic year. Current information will
be available on the College’s website or from the
Office of Student Development.
All disciplinary proceedings will be handled fairly,
and victim confidentiality will be maintained.