Page 23 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

defined period of time following their violation,
again at the students’ expense.
Charges made for violation of this Illegal Drug
Policy will be handled by the Vice President for Stu-
dent Development or by his or her designee, unless
Administrative Action is taken by the President. The
College may report to the civil authorities anyone
charged with violation of drug laws.
When disciplinary action is taken in cases of
alleged drug abuse on or off campus, such action
may or may not be concurrent with any action pend-
ing by the civil authorities. The College will cooper-
ate with civil authorities in the enforcement of drug
abuse laws on and off campus.
While the College prohibits the use, possession,
or sale of drugs by its students, and its regulations
are consistent with civil laws, the College will under-
take an educational approach with respect to drug
abuse. Any student who voluntarily submits himself
or herself or who is referred by others for counseling
and help with the problem of drug use, will be assist-
ed. A student who has violated the College’s illegal
drug policy may be required to enter a program
which provides professional help for drug abuse. In
all such cases, the College will be concerned with
the guarantees of fairness with respect to any mem-
ber of the College community.
In order to protect the health and welfare of the
campus community, smoking is prohibited in all Col-
lege buildings, as well as within 50 feet from College
buildings unless otherwise designated as an
approved smoking space.
In addition, hookahs are strictly prohibited any-
where on campus. While the College recognizes that
some students may utilize hookahs to smoke legal
substances using safe and responsible methods, the
potential fire risk that hookahs present to the cam-
pus community is significant. Any hookah found on
campus will be immediately confiscated.
The fine for violating this smoking policy will be
$50.00 for the first violation, with subsequent viola-
tions incurring greater penalties, including referral to
the Social Council and possible loss of housing privi-
leges on campus.
Birmingham-Southern College strictly forbids
any type of physical, written or verbal abuse of
members of any campus organization, athletic team,
fraternity or sorority at any time. Undue pressure to
perform any activities that are contrary to the Col-
lege’s educational pursuits or are illegal, unethical, or
result in any type of personal humiliation, are con-
sidered hazing and are, therefore, prohibited. Any
violation of this policy will result in disciplinary
It is absolutely prohibited for any student to pos-
sess firearms (including pellet guns or bb guns), a
rifle (including air and springloaded rifles or
devices), shotgun, handgun, knife (excluding small
pocket knives), switchblade, slingshot, balloon
launcher, paintball guns, bow, fireworks or other
lethal or dangerous weapons or devices capable of
causing harm to another person. Possession is
defined as carried on the person, in a residence hall
room, fraternity or sorority house, campus building,
or in a vehicle on campus.
Firearms and legal hunting devices may be stored
in the Campus Police Office. Violation of this policy
may result in fines or other disciplinary action up to
and including immediate expulsion from the College.
Students may not keep pets inside or outside the
residence halls, fraternity/sorority houses, or admin-
istrative buildings. The only exception to this rule is
for students and visitors who are visually impaired
and require the use of guide dogs. All pets visiting
campus must be properly leashed and accompanied
at all times by the owner. Students may have fish in
a small tank in their rooms with the consent of their
roommate(s). A fine of $50.00 will be imposed for
violations of this policy.
Current students at the College are allowed to
invite guests to campus to visit them. A guest is
defined as anyone not currently enrolled at the Col-
lege, including parents, siblings, other family mem-
bers, and friends. Guests of students are expected to
abide by the rules, policies and procedures of the
College. Students are responsible for the actions of
their guests, and will suffer disciplinary conse-
quences for any poor behavior displayed by their
guests, including loss of the ability to host guests,
restitution for any damages their friends cause, and
similar appropriate sanctions.