Page 21 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

C. All residents under the age of 21 are prohibited
from having any alcoholic beverages or empty
alcohol containers in residence.
D. Alcohol or illegal drug violations committed by a
student under 21 years of age will be reported to
the parents/guardian of that student when such
action is deemed appropriate by the College offi-
cials adjudicating the violation.
E. The serving, consumption, or possession of alco-
holic beverages are prohibited in the following
areas of the campus: the Academic Quadrangle,
all buildings in which regularly scheduled classes
are taught, Yielding Chapel, Norton Campus
Center, Rush Learning Center, Phillips Adminis-
tration Building, Stockham Woman’s Building,
Striplin Fitness Center, Meyer Planetarium, Hill-
top Village Pool, all areas adjacent to the above
enumerated locations, and all athletic facilities.
Exceptions to this policy must be requested from
and approved by the General Officers of the Col-
F. Consumption and possession of alcoholic bever-
ages in all approved areas must be discrete and
inconspicuous and in conformity with state and
local laws. Any alcoholic beverages which are
being consumed in any College areas must be in
containers which are opaque and which are not
identifiable as holding alcoholic beverages.
G. Public intoxication and/or disruptive behavior
related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages
will be considered a violation of this policy.
H. Failure to comply with the directive of a member
of the College’s staff in regard to compliance
with this policy will also be considered a violation
of this policy.
I. A student who has violated the College’s alcohol
policy may be required to enter a program which
provides professional help for alcohol abuse or
complete an online alcohol education course at
that student’s expense.
J. An organization which sponsors an event where
alcoholic beverages may be present must provide
non-alcoholic beverages and food at the event.
K. There may be no mention or reference to alcohol
in the advertisement of any event.
L. For any event (at which alcohol may be present)
held at campus locations, identification (Student
I.D. and/or Driver’s License) will be checked
upon entering the location. (See GENERAL
for specific guidelines.) Only those of legal age
will be permitted to take alcoholic beverages into
the event. Reasonable limits will be set concern-
ing the amount of alcohol an individual will be
permitted to bring into the facility. No glass con-
tainers may be taken into any social event loca-
tion by anyone.
M. Wristbands identifying those of legal drinking age
are mandatory at all events where alcohol is
served or consumed. The Campus Police or the
sponsor of the event will be responsible for dis-
tributing wristbands at the entrance of the build-
ing, or area, where the party is being held. Note:
The Campus Police will be acting on behalf of
the sponsor of the function, and therefore it shall
be the ultimate responsibility of the sponsor to
ensure that alcohol laws and campus rules are
being followed.
N. Compliance with the alcohol policy is considered
to be part of the student’s obligation as a student
at Birmingham-Southern College. Failure to
comply with this policy will be considered to be a
violation and will result in either a fine being
levied and filed in the Office of Student Develop-
ment or in the filing of charges with the Social
Council. Students are also responsible for their
guests’ compliance with the Alcohol Policy of the
O. Providing a student I.D. or Driver’s License to
another person for purposes of possessing, pur-
chasing, or consuming alcohol is prohibited.
P. Using or attempting to use a fraudulent or
altered Driver’s License or other false form of
identification to possess, purchase, or consume
alcohol is prohibited.
Q. Beer kegs or large distribution containers are not
permitted on campus.
A. Students are not allowed to drive on campus
while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Determination of influence may include, but is
not limited to the following:
Field Sobriety Exercises
Common signs of intoxication, such as
slurred speech and impaired consciousness
B. Refusal to comply with Campus Police officers’
directions to test for influence of drugs or alcohol
will result in the presumption of influence by
these substances.
C. Sanctions for driving under the influence while
on campus may result in, but are not limited to,
the following:
Suspension or Expulsion from the College