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Fraternity & Sorority Formal Recruitment

Formal Recruitment begins three or so weeks into the semester so that you can get adjusted to classes, learn to navigate the campus, and establish your ties to the BSC community. The Recruitment activities are held during the evening and will not interfere with any of your classes. Recruitment is absolutely FREE so we encourage you to participate even if you aren't sure you want to join a Greek organization.

To register, click on the following links:

Fraternity Registration–

Sorority Registration–

Fraternity Sample Schedule

Sunday, Sep. 1
Recruitment Round Robin & Open House
Monday, Sep. 16
Recruitment Open House 1
Tuesday, Sep. 17
Preferential Dinner Night
Wed. Sep. 18
Bid Signing Day in Norton

Sorority Sample Schedule

Thursday, Sep. 19
Icebreaker Parties
Friday, Sep. 20
Values Parties
Saturday, Sep. 21 Preferential Parties Sunday, Sep. 22
Bid Signing Day

* For more information about the various nights please refer to the Fraternity and Sorority Brochures.