2013-14 Greek Life Brochure - page 2

Birmingham-Southern College
Welcome to the Birmingham-Southern College community! As you are making plans for your academic
career, I hope you take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available outside of the classroom
to enhance your college experience. BSC offers opportunities for involvement in a multitude of student
activities and organizations that are available to supplement a wide variety of academic pursuits.
One of the avenues of involvement to consider is Fraternity and Sorority Life. Through membership
in a fraternity or sorority, students can enjoy the advantages of companionship and support, leadership
development, community service, recreational and social activities, campus involvement, academic
assistance, personal growth, small group living, and lifelong friendships.
Fraternities and sororities have been a part of campus life for over 140 years. Fraternity and sorority
alumni nationwide indicate that their fraternal membership was a vital component of their college
experience—through alumni networking, they continue to receive long-term benefits from their Greek
affiliations. I encourage you to consider Fraternity and Sorority Life as you explore your options for
participation in student activities.
David Eberhardt, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Development
| (205) 226-4722
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