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Margaret Daniel & Cullen Daniel Room Layouts

Moving to college can be hard, let us help you figure out where to put everything. Here are six room configurations that we have found to be the most functional layouts available in Cullen Daniel and Margaret Daniel rooms. You can click on the photo thumbnails on each drawing to see a larger photograph.

If you don't see a layout that you like, there are a couple other possibilities but keep in mind, these are the six most functional. You can also bunk your beds, which opens the room up for even more possibilities. If this sounds like a good option, talk with your roommate and decide together about bunking your beds.  In order to get your beds bunked prior to your arrival, please email Laura Buckner at by August 20th, 2011.

Layout-1 layout 1 photo Layout 1 photo

layout-2 Layout2 photo layout 2 photo

layout-3 layout 3 ohoto layout 3 ohoto

layout-4 layout 4 ohoto layout 4 ohoto

Layout-5 layout 5 ohoto layout 5 ohoto

layout-6 Layout 6 photo Layout 6 photo