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Consolidation Agreement

  • WHAT: The consolidation process is a time of matching up residents who are without roommates. A person may be without a roommate for any number of reasons, including their former roommate's decision not to return to Birmingham-Southern College or to change a room. While we understand that some students will leave their roommate with little or no warning or explanation, anyone left in a double occupancy room without a roommate is expected to find a roommate or pay for single occupancy. First time freshman do not uphold this until spring semester, but we highly encourage consolidation.
  • WHY: We subscribe to this consolidation process because there are a limited number of private rooms that are designated single occupancy based upon space availability in the residence halls. These "private" rooms are assigned utilizing an established priority system. Private room residents are charged the single occupancy room rate. It would be unfair to allow "free" privates to exist.
  • HOW: The Office of Residence Life will send a letter to any student who our records show to be assigned to a double occupancy room alone once the room change period is completed. If a student is without a roommate, it is his/her responsibility to begin the consolidation process whether they receive such a letter or not. Residence Life provides a list of possible roommates for the residents. During this time period, students are responsible for finding their own roommates, though Residence Life will assist in the process if a request is made.
  • WHEN: Once a decision is made concerning a roommate choice, the student must notify the Office of Residence Life. At that time the student will receive a Room Change Authorization Form. Room changes cannot be made without this form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If, after the consolidation period, one student is occupying double accommodations, he or she will be charged a single occupancy room rate for the term, or will be assigned a roommate using the roommate matching program. This amount is 50% more than the double occupancy rate.

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