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Religious Life

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Religious Life

Yeilding Chapel is always open for prayer and meditation. If you would like to know more about what is going on in Religious Life at BSC, just visit, "Like" us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter, @religiousbsc, come by our office in Norton 120 (behind the post office), or give us a call at 205-226-4760.

Weekly Campus Ministries start February 8th

  • Chapel, Mondays, 8pm, Yeilding Chapel
  • Baptist Campus Ministry, Mondays, 7pm, 2nd Fl. Norton
  • Episcopal Eucharist, Tuesdays, 11:45am, Yeilding Chapel
  • R.U.F., Wednesdays, 8pm, Yeilding Chapel 
  • Mass, Thursdays, 11:30am, Yeilding Chapel
  • NEW TIME - Mass, Sundays at 4pm in Yeilding Chapel
  • NEW TIME &PLACE!!!  Wesley Fellowship: Thursdays, 5:30pm, Norton 120

Upcoming Events - You are invited!

Ash Wednesday services:  Wed. Feb. 10 at 7:45am and Noon in Yeilding Chapel.  Students, faculty and staff are invited.

BODY TALK: Things are heating up this February at BSC!

Message Series in Chapel, Mondays at 8pm- Join us for worship and fellowship following with refreshments.

  • Feb. 8: Body Matters
  • Feb. 15: Great Sex
  • Feb. 22: Somebody to Love

Wednesdays in February (Sponsored by the BSC Counseling Center and the Crisis Center,

  • Feb. 10: Is It Really Just 'Netflix and Chill?' with Rhiannon Reese, Director of Outreach and Education for the Crisis Center and Randy Kerrigan, Teen Link Coordinator for the Crisis Center. 5pm, Hanson Loft
  • Feb. 17: Yes Means Yes Aryn Gieger- Sedgwick, Rape Response Program Coordinator, Crisis Center. 12noon, SGA Room
  • Feb. 24: A Story From a Sexual Assault Survivor. 5pm Hanson Loft


  • The play Probably grapples with the trauma of sexual assault and engages audiences to think critically about the topic.
  • Feb. 23 at 11 am , Provost Forum in the College Theatre Mainstage, moderated by Rhiannon Reese of the Crisis Center
  • Performances in The Underground: Feb. 25th, 26th and 27th at 7:30 and 28th at 2:30

Serve Coffee, Serve the Community:  Wednesdays at 8am, serve coffee at Church of the Reconciler.  Please contact Anna Marie if you are interested in going,

Wesley Fellowship: NEW TIME AND PLACE!  Thursdays at 5:30pm in Norton 120. Dinner will be served each week! February Study Focus: Sex in the Bible.   Feb. 11: Meet in Norton 120 briefly followed by Dutch Treat dinner at Cantina.  Feb. 25: View the play Probably as a group - discounted tickets available through Religious Life.

Religious Holidays:


Imbolc (Wicca) Feb. 2 Originating from a Gaelic festival, also called Brighid's day, it marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

Setsbun-sai (Shinto) Feb. 3 Popularly known as the Bean-throwing Festival, Setsbun-sai marks the end of winter and the eve of the first day of spring according to the ancient East Asian solar calendar. Beans are thrown into each room of the house, and then through the outer doors, with the shout, "Devils out, Fortune in!"

Mulk (Bahai) Feb. 7 The 18th month of the Bahai year. Each of the 19 months is given a name which is an attribute of God. It is celebrated with a feast. Mulk is dominion.

Lunar New Year (Buddhism) Feb. 8 4714 (Year of the Monkey) the new year is determined by the first day after the new moon. Tibetans may celebrate the following day.

Shrove Tuesday (Christianity) Feb. 9 Also known as Fat Tuesday. The day before Ash Wednesday, marking the end of the Epiphany season and is the vigil for the start of Lent, in Western Churches.

Losar (Buddhism) Feb. 9 The start of the Tibetan New Year, celebrated for 15 days.

Ash Wednesday/Lent (Christianity) Feb. 10 Some Christian denominations observe Ash Wednesday and Lent, the 40 days plus Sundays before Easter. Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, is often observed with the imposition of ashes on the forehead as a symbol of repentance. Lent is time of repentance, fasting, and moderation. In Eastern traditions it is called the Great Fast or the Great Lent and will be on March 14.

Vasanta Panchami (Hinduism) Feb. 12 literally means the fifth day of spring, it is celebrated in India and is associated with Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning and Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. The color yellow is associated with this festival.

Nehan-e (Buddhism) Feb. 15 Memorial of the historical Buddha passing.

Magha Puja(Buddhism) Feb. 22 (Sangha Day) Also called "Makha Bucha," Magha Puja commemorates a day when 1,250 monks, all from different places and on their own initiative, spontaneously came to pay homage to the historical Buddha. In particular, this is a day for laypeople to show special appreciation for the monastic sangha. It is alternately celebrated in March by some cultures.

Ayyam-i-Ha (Bahai) Feb. 26 The intercalary days inserted into the Bahai calendar to make 365 days.