Page 8 - Student Organizations Manual

Birmingham-Southern College strictly forbids any type of physical, written or verbal
abuse of members of any campus organization, athletic team, fraternity, or sorority at
any time. Undue pressure to perform any activities that are contrary to the college’s
educational pursuits or are illegal, unethical, or result in any type of personal humilia-
tion are considered hazing and are, therefore, prohibited. Any violation of this policy
will result in disciplinary action.
Wristbands identifying those of legal drinking age are mandatory at all events where
alcohol is served or consumed. Only those of legal drinking age are allowed to con-
sume alcohol at these events. The Campus Police or the sponsor of the event will
check IDs of those entering any of the above functions as will be responsible for dis-
tributing wristbands at the entrance of the building, or area, where the party is being
held. Note: The Campus Police will be acting on the behalf of the sponsor of the func-
tion, and therefore it shall be the ultimate responsibility of the sponsor to ensure that
alcohol laws and campus rules are being followed.
Publicity/Signage/Decor Policies
All decoration proposals must be submitted in writing to the Conference Coordi-
nator for approval and coordination.
No posters or other signs may be hung on glass, paint, or doors.
Scotch and duct tape tape may not be used to hang signs.
All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
Nothing may be pinned, taped, or otherwise affixed to the curtains inMunger Au-
The moving of College furniture must be done by Birmingham-Southern Opera-
Decorations may not be affixed to ceilings or light fixtures.
Reasonable clean-up efforts are required of any group utilizing Birmingham-
Southern College facilities. If no effort is made, the group will be subject to a
clean-up charge.
The party signing the facility reservation formwill be held responsible for adher-
ence to these rules.
Whether advertising for an organization or personal reasons, sign posting should be
attached only to bulletin boards, not on doors, glass, or painted surfaces. All signs
should be in good taste and cannot make any references to alcoholic beverages. Cam-
pus organizations should make sure that persons who are responsible for posting
signs for the organization are fully aware of this policy. Improperly posted signs will be
removed and discarded.
When signs are removed from paint, it invariably damages the paint, which, in turn,
costs the college money to repaint. Tape on glass is hard to remove and it is costly
time-wise to clean glass, which has had signs posted on it. Signs should never be
posted on doors as they then become fire and safety hazards; in fact, to do so is in vio-
lation of regulations of the City FireMarshal. A $50.00 fine will be given to an organi-
zation or individual who violates this policy. In addition, any damage done resulting
from violations will result in appropriate assessments.
Sidewalk chalk on any BSC surface is prohibited except with prior approval. Interested
groups may obtain the appropriate form from the Office of Student Affairs or the
Assistant Director of Student Life, 226-4730. The office must receive the completed
form at least (3) days prior to the actual event. Requests for permission to chalk side-
walks/surfaces will be accepted from any funded programming entity of the college
and/or recognized student organization. All chalking must pertain to a particular event
as stated on the request form and not reference other activities. Events will be consid-
ered on a case-by-case basis. Chalking is only permitted on sidewalks and outdoor
walkways around Norton Campus Center and is prohibited on any building surface.
Approval for chalking will be granted for specific areas as stated on the request form.
College Speaker/Political Literature
and Use of the College Name Policies
The college encourages the invitation of a wide range of speakers representing op-
posing viewpoints on a variety of issues to speak at Birmingham-Southern College.
Although the college aspires to maintain an open speaker policy, the campus commu-
nity must recognize its responsibility to prevent unreasonable harm to the institution
through its speaker programs. However, this responsibility will ultimately rest with the
President of the college. Under these guidelines, members of the college community
may use the facilities of the college for the purpose of hearing speakers of their
choice, provided:
The engagement is properly registered on the Campus Calendar five class
days before the date the event is to take place.
Suitable facilities are available at that time.
The event is sponsored by a registered organization of the campus or by a
group within the campus community willing to assume formally the respon-
sibilities for the promotion of the event. The meeting should be held in good
conduct and in the spirit of fair inquiry. Respect for the rights of all parties to
be heard with decorum and courtesy should be maintained.
Disagreement between any elements of the campus community concerning the invi-
tation to or appearance of any speaker on the campus may be referred to the Presi-
dent of the college. It should be understood that sponsorship of guest speakers does
not necessarily imply approval or endorsement of the views expressed, either by the
sponsoring group or by the college. The college cannot protect any speaker from state
or federal prosecution for alleged violation of valid laws relating to treason, sedition,
obscenity, or slander.