Page 6 - Student Organizations Manual

E. Public intoxication and/or disruptive behavior related to the consumption of
alcoholic beverages will be considered a violation of this policy.
F. Failure to comply with the directive of a member of The College’s staff in re-
gard to compliance with this policy will also be considered a violation of this
G. A student who has violated The College’s alcohol policy may be required to
enter a programwhich provides professional help for alcohol abuse or com-
plete an online alcohol education course at that student’s expense.
H. An organization which sponsors an event where alcoholic beverages may be
present must provide non-alcoholic beverages and food at the event.
I. There may be no mention or reference to alcohol in the advertisement of any
J. For any campus event (at which alcohol may be present) held in the Simpson
Activities Center, identification (Student I.D. and/or Driver’s License) will be
checked upon entering the building. Only those of legal age will be permitted
to take alcoholic beverages into Simpson. Reasonable limits will be set con-
cerning the amount of alcohol an individual will be permitted to bring into
the facility. No glass containers may be taken into Simpson by anyone.
K. Compliance with the alcohol policy is considered to be part of the student’s
obligation as a student at Birmingham-Southern College. Failure to comply
with this policy will be considered to be a violation and will result in either a
fine being levied and filed in the Office of Student Affairs or in the filing of
charges with the Social Council.
L. Providing a student I.D. or Driver’s License to another person for purposes of
possessing, purchasing, or consuming alcohol is prohibited.
M. Using or attempting to use a fraudulent or altered Driver’s License or other
false from of identification to possess, purchase, or consume alcohol is pro-
N. Beer kegs or large distribution containers are not permitted on campus.
O. Driving under the influence of alcohol on campus may result in, but is not
limited to, the following sanctions:
The student’s car keys will be confiscated immediately.
The student must participate in an alcohol program as specified by the
Office of Student Affairs
Failure to submit to an alcohol breath test will result in further disciplinary
All DUI incidents will result in the loss of the violator’s driving privileges
for no less than one month.
The minimum fine for DUI will be $100.00, in addition to the $100.00
traffic violation fine.
Note: The Dean of Students or Social Council will have the right to increase any or all
DUI sanctions depending on circumstances of the incident (including the permanent
loss of driving privileges for 2nd offenders).
Possession or use of narcotic, mind-altering or other illicit drugs, except on prescrip-
tion of licensed physician, or the sale or distribution of such drugs is prohibited by the
college. Where there is reasonable cause to believe that drug abuse is occurring in
college facilities, such facilities may be entered for investigation at any time and with-
out notice by an official of the college.
Charges made for possession or unlawful use, or sale or distribution of drugs on cam-
pus will be handled by the Dean of Students in the Office of Student Affairs. The col-
lege may report to the civil authorities anyone charged with violation of drug laws. In
all such cases, the college will be concerned with the guarantees of fairness with re-
spect to any member of the college community. If reasonable suspicion exists, The
college reserves the right to require drug tests at the student’s expense. When disci-
plinary action is taken in cases of alleged drug abuse on or off campus, such action
may or may not be concurrent with any action pending by the civil authorities. The col-
lege will cooperate with civil authorities in the enforcement of drug abuse laws on
and off campus. While the college prohibits the use, possession, or sale of drugs by
its students, and its regulations are consistent with civil laws, the college will under-
take an educational approach with respect to drug abuse. Any student who voluntarily
submits himself or herself or who is referred by others for counseling and help with
the problem of drug use will be assisted. A student who has violated the college’s ille-
gal drug policy may be required to enter a program, which provides professional help
for drug abuse.
Students may not have open flames in their residence hall rooms. Additionally, out-
door fires for recreational or disposal purposes are not permitted without the permis-
sion of the Office of Student Affairs. In cases where permission is granted, a permit
from the City of Birmingham Fire Department will be required.
It is absolutely prohibited for any student to possess firearms (including pellet guns or
bb guns), a rifle (including air rifles), shotgun, handgun, knife (excluding small pocket
knives), switchblade, slingshot, balloon launcher, bow, fireworks or other lethal or
dangerous weapons or devices capable of causing harm to another person. Posses-
sion is defined as carried on the person, in residence hall room, fraternity or sorority
house, campus building, or in a vehicle on campus. Firearms and legal hunting devices
may be stored in the Campus Police Office. Violation of this policy may result in fines
or other disciplinary action up to and including immediate expulsion from the college.
Band Parties & Clean Up Procedures/Hazing/
Wristband Policies
Band Parties scheduled on campus during the week (Sunday evening through
Thursday evening) must be held in an approved location.
All events held during the week must end by 12:00 midnight. Events held on Fri-
day and Saturday must end by 2:00 a.m. unless special permission is granted.
All student events held on campus are for Birmingham-Southern College students
and their guests only. There may be no open parties and there may be no adver-
tisements to the general public.
Birmingham-Southern College students who bring guests are responsible for the
actions of their guests.
All Students who enter Simpson must present a Student I.D.
Identification (Student I.D. and/or Driver’s License) will be checked upon entering
Simpson for any event at which alcohol may be present. Only those of legal drink-
ing age may bring alcoholic beverages into the event. Reasonable limits will
be set.