Page 46 - Student Organizations Manual

Sample Constitution
Document may be changed or modified to meet your organization’s needs)
The name of the organization shall be _________________________.
ARTICLE II. – Purpose, Objectives, Aims
It shall the purpose of _______________________ (name) to
ARTICLE III. –Membership and Eligibility Criteria
Section A: Membership is open to any enrolled BSC student who:
Section B: Dues and collections procedures (if any)
The fiscal year of the organization shall be from _____to_____ (month/date).
The amount of annual dues shall be determined each year by _______.
Dues shall not exceed $__________ per year.
ARTICLE IV. – Voting
Section A: A quorumwill be ______________________________________.
Section B: Each member in good standing may vote.
Section C: Proxy voting is allowed by the following process: _____________
ARTICLE V. – Officers
Section A:
The (name of organization) ___________ shall have a president, vice president, secretary and/or treasurer, advisor
these titles may vary for your organization, or you may choose not to have officers at all but have team leaders of
equal standing and operate on a consensus model). These officers comprise the Executive Committee or Board.
Section B:
All officers must be members of _____________ (name of organization).
Section C:
The term of the officers shall be from _____ (month/date) to
_____ (
Section D:
Election of officers shall be held ___________ (annually/month).
At least two weeks notice shall be given before the election meeting. Nominations shall be initiated from the floor
and elections done by ballot. The person receiving majority vote will be elected.
Section E:
Any officer may be removed frommembership by two-thirds vote of the Executive Board. Any officer removed may
appeal to the general membership. Said officer shall be considered reinstated with two-thirds approval of the
Section F:
Any vacancy which may occur in an office shall be filled by appointment by the president pending ratification at the
next group meeting.