Page 4 - Student Organizations Manual

th - All organizations must have an on-campus advisor (BSC faculty or staff) and sub-
mit their contact information to the Office of Student Affairs.
th - All organizations are strongly encouraged to have their own web page.
Registration Process
Once your anticipated organization’s application has been completed, turned in and all
of the requirements are met, your application will proceed forward in the registration
process. The process works in two steps:
The application is submitted for review.
The application will be reviewed and approved or disapproved by the Assistant
Director of Student Life.
If your application is not approved for any reason, you will be contacted and given a
chance to change or withdraw your application.
If, after changes are made, the application is still not approved, the pending organiza-
tion may then submit an appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs who shall
then review the same and affirm, reverse, or modify the decision.
Responsibilities of Registered Organizations
As a BSC registered organization, your group has certain rights and privileges. With
these privileges come certain responsibilities to maintain your organization’s regis-
tered status. Those responsibilities include:
Each organizationwill be responsible for complyingwith federal, city
codes, and all laws for the State of Alabama and
including, but not limited to,
all policies outlined in the BSC student handbook.
Each organization is responsible for the activities and/or actions of non-
student members and guests
while participating in any function sponsored by
that organization.
All organizations are responsible for planning, supervising, and ensuring
the safe operation of each of their programs
All organizations are to secure their own facilities
and see to it that they are
used for the purpose for which they were scheduled.
Each organization should function using sound financial management
is responsible for any debts that they incur.
Organizational informationmust be kept current with the Assistant Direc-
tor of Student Life.
This includes a current list of officers, members, and your ad-
visor(s) with contact numbers and addresses for each. You are required to
complete the online update for each year, which can be found on the student or-
ganization web page. You are required to return this information even if no
changes have occurred. However, if changes occur within the year, you are re-
quired to immediately re-submit an update form.
Your organizationmust maintain an advisor at all times.
If at anytime your or-
ganization finds itself without an advisor and is having trouble finding one, please
contact the Assistant Director of Student Life immediately and we may be able to
assist you in your search.
The president or their appointee and the advisor of each organizationmust
attend all Gavel ClubMeetings.
These meetings are used to disseminate any
new information on policies or procedures that pertain to student organizations, to
announce upcoming events, to share any other important information, and to give
each organization their new update form.
Termination of Registration
The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate
the registered status of any organization. These decisions can or will be based on the
following circumstances:
A request from the organization to be dissolved.
A lapse in communication with the Assistant Director of Student Life. As
stated above, an organization must maintain an active up-to-date file in the
Office of Student Affairs.
Failure to keep current or meet financial obligations to the college.
Failure to comply with the organization’s constitution or by-laws.
Failure to comply with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of Birm-
ingham-Southern College as determined by appropriate college officials.
Re-registering a terminated organization under another name.
Discovery that a registered organization is acting as an auxiliary group for an-
other current organization.
Submitting false information to Birmingham-Southern College.
Failure to provide documentation.
Appeal Process:
A student organization may initiate an appeal with the Vice President for Student Af-
fairs of a decision by the Assistant Director of Student Life to temporarily suspend or
terminate an organization’s registration. An appeal must be initiated within 30 days of
receipt of notification from the Student Affairs.