Page 3 - Student Organizations Manual

There are over 50 registered student organizations at Birmingham-Southern Col-
lege—each with its own interest and purpose. Our organizations range from honor
societies to art clubs, from religious to multicultural organizations, and from social
sororities and fraternities to service groups. If there is a particular group that you are
interested in and we do not currently have it, you can start your own. This manual has
been designed to help keep your organization in good standing with the college, to
keep your organization growing and prospering, and to provide the procedures for be-
ginning new organizations.
About Student Organizations at BSC
Student Organizations play a vital role at Birmingham-Southern College. These
groups provide students with many opportunities for leadership and involvement. The
plus organizations that are currently active on our campus give students a chance
to meet new friends, participate in a variety of fun and educational activities, and
often provide service opportunities for students that directly benefit our campus and
the Birmingham-Southern College community. To see a list of our current organiza-
tions go to
Benefits of BeingA Registered
Student Organization
As a registered BSC organization, your group is entitled to certain rights and privileges
as long as your organization stays in good standing with the college. These special
benefits include the following:
Being registered as an affiliated Birmingham-Southern College organization
Use of the college’s name in the organization’s title
Reserve college facilities
Hold fundraisers
Sponsor events and activities on campus
Post approved advertisements in the Norton Student Center and other desig-
nated locations
Use of BSC mail box
Apply for activity fee funds
Recruit BSC students as members
Establish an official web-site with the college network
Access to the Student Affairs art room
Opportunity to get involved in leadership training sponsored by the Office
of Student Affairs
Criteria for Registration
Registration shall be granted only to those organizations whose purpose and pro-
posed activities are clearly related to the educational goals and mission of the college.
Organizations are required to adhere to the following organizational policies:
Organizations and groups may be established within The College for any lawful
purpose. Affiliation with an extramural organization shall not, in itself, qualify or
disqualify The College branch or chapter from institutional privileges.
A group shall become an organization when registered with The College. No
group may be so registered or continue to be registered if its purpose or pro-
grams are in conflict with the policies or procedures of The College, the Code of
Rights, or of the laws of the State or of the United States.
All groups that meet the following requirements shall be registered:
A. A list of officers and copies of the constitution and bylaws of the group shall
be submitted to the Assistant Director of Student Life. All changes and
amendments shall be submitted within one week after they become effec-
B. Where there is affiliation with an extramural organization, that organization’s
constitution and bylaws shall be filed with the appropriate College official or
body, and all amendments thereto shall be submitted within a reasonable
time after they become effective.
C. All sources of support funds shall be disclosed.
Membership in all College-related organizations, within the limits of their facili-
ties, shall be open to any member of The College Community without regard to
race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or age, who sub-
scribes to the stated aims and meets the stated obligations as enumerated in the
constitution and bylaws of said organization.
Membership lists are confidential and solely for the use of the organization, ex-
cept that names and addresses of officers shall be required as one of the condi-
tions of eligibility for registration as an organization.
College facilities, if reasonably available, may be used by registered organiza-
tions, in accordance with all campus policies and procedures, for regular busi-
ness meetings, for social programs, and for programs open to the public.
The authority to allocate institutional funds derived from student fees for use by
student organizations shall be delegated to the Student Government Associa-
Student organizations seeking college funding may appeal to the SGA for ap-
Student organizations seeking college funding must comply with the following
A. A requesting organization must be registered
B. The requesting organization’s purpose must not be in conflict with theMis-
sion Statement of The College.
C. The requesting organization’s purpose must not be legislative or include lob-
bying activities
D. The event/purpose for the request must be open for all students who are in-
terested in attending.
E. After eligibility is established, student organization seeking college funding
must submit a request for funds and budget to the SGA. A hearing must be
scheduled by the SGAwithin fourteen days of the receipt of said request to
hear the appeal for funds.
Getting Started
To start a new organization on campus there are a few requirements that must be met
before you can apply to be a registered BSC organization.
st - A representative must communicate with the Assistant Director of Student Life
to complete the Student Organization Application form.
nd - There must be a minimum of 5 students willing to form this organization.
rd - Only current BSC students may be members. This means no affiliate members
such as faculty, staff, alumni, or spouses.
th - All student organization officers must be in good academic and social standing
with the college in order to maintain their position as officer.
th - Each group seeking to be registered must have a constitution and/or by-laws.