Page 27 - Student Organizations Manual

I can’t bring myself to delegating “busy work.”
I can’t delegate to my friends.
All the workers are already busy.
They don’t know how to do the task.
They have a fear of criticism for mistakes.
They lack confidence in their abilities.
They don’t understand what is wanted.
They don’t have the time.
They don’t like doing it.
They feel the incentive offered is inadequate.
They already feel overworked.
They’ve done it before.
Trust the abilities of your workers.
Respect your workers as people.
Be open-minded to ideas of others.
Understand that mistakes will be made by others.
Be willing to provide a learning opportunity for others.
Set aside time for reviewing the assignment.
Analyze the assignment and organize the task.
Recruit your personnel.
Explain how this assignment fits into the total program.
Define the worker’s assignment well.
Provide necessary information and guidelines.
Communicate expected quality levels.
Determine howmuch guidance the worker needs.
Direct the person accordingly.
Assess progress of the task.
Express appreciation to the worker.
A. Effective delegation saves time but initially it requires time.
B. Delegation is not a shortcut to avoiding worry and responsibility, but it
can save you time.
C. The person who insists on doing himself what could have been done
through others is wasting valuable time. Can you afford it?
D. Possess the proper attitude.
E. Follow the basic steps of delegating.
F. If you do the whole thing yourself you are insuring that the next time you
will have no choice but to do it again, since no one else learned how.
Budgeting forYour Organization or Event
One of the tasks you may face as financial officer, especially if your organization trans-
acts a lot of business, is that of preparing a budget. There are all sorts of methods for
preparing budgets from flipping coins to using computer. No one method is best for all
organizations. The method described is fairly simple.
What is a budget?
A budget is an organization tool used for planning and controlling within an organiza-
tion. It is a formal written guideline for your future plan of action, expressed in finan-
cial terms within a set time period.
What can a budget accomplish?
It can help refine goals that reflect the realistic resource environment.
It can compel members of the organization to use funds efficiently.
It can provide accurate information to adjust, analyze and evaluate programs and
It can aid in decision making.
It can provide a historical reference to be used for future planning.
Basic Components of a Budget.
A statement of the organization’s goals, objectives and priorities. (A. What do we
want to accomplish? B. Howwill we accomplish this? C. Howmuch will the pro-
gram cost? D. Howwill the program be funded?)
A specific time period to which the budget applies
Amethod of reviewing budget plans and procedures
Budgeted financial statement:
An estimated detailed income breakdown
An estimated detailed expense breakdown
Developing a Budget
Begin preparations a month or more prior to the close of the current year.
Prepare an outline of the organization’s planned activities for the upcoming year.
Do careful studies, investigations and research of funding, cost, resources…
Determine available funds (carry over balance from previous year, cash on hand,
funds in the bank, interest, etc…).
Estimate expected income and when it is expected to be available (dues, t-shirt
sales, pinball…).
Define needed expenses (advertising, rentals, printing, supplies…).
Get price quotations on certain expenditures, delegate certain responsibilities to
Rank order by their relative importance which activities are the wisest expendi-
tures of funds.
Choose and decide programs to initiate; ask yourselves howmuch is available to
Negotiate as necessary; eliminate less essential expenditures or limit certain ex-
Revise, review, coordinate, cross-reference and then assemble into a final budget;
the budget must be flexible to anticipate conditions which might have been over-
looked during the planning process.
Vote to approve budget