Page 17 - Student Organizations Manual

BSC Student Government Association
Each year the Student Government Association designates a portion of its annual
budget to fund student requests. An SGA Proposal Form can be found on the SGA
Web site or by contacting an SGA Executive Board member. Generally, the SGA fund
requests that fall into these categories:
Expenses associated with travel to conferences and making presentations at
Start-up expenses for new student organizations.
Campus-wide social, cultural, and educational programs that benefit the student
Other activities, opportunities, equipment, and services that result in a direct
benefit to the student body at large.
The SGAwill evaluate the merits of each individual proposal. The SGAmay choose
not to grant the requested funds, grant a portion of the requested funds, or grant the
requested funds entirely. In any case, the SGAmay grant funds with stipulations.
Please use the information below as a guide to building your proposal.
Proposals should include the following:
Who will this benefit and what is the expected outcome of the money
What is the purpose of the proposal (howwill money be used)?
When is the money needed?
Where should the money come fromwithin the SGA budget?
Usually this is decided by the budget committee, but it helps to have this in the
proposal outside projects, diversity fund, interest group grants, and campus
improvements are examples fromwhich money can come from)
Why is this something the SGA should support?
Howmuch money are you requesting?
It can take up to 3 weeks to process a request and to obtain a check, so please send
your request early. Send requests to SGA Box 549100, attention: Treasurer.