Page 13 - Student Organizations Manual

Timetables vary depending on the size of the group, season, and facility used. This timetable has been prepared to give you the maximum coverage for the maximum
results. For small meetings, you may only need half the time shown here.
It’s very important to prepare your own calendar to make deadlines. It’s a great way to prevent details from slipping through the cracks.
Months Ahead
Assigned to
Select date(s), time, location.
Develop planning checklist.
Reserve space with Facilities & Events director.
Schedule event on campus calendar.
Contact food service to serve.
Program development.
Prepare preliminary budget.
Begin search for speakers.
Months Ahead
Assigned to
Determine supply needs.
Contract with speakers/entertainment.
Develop preliminary guest list.
Create design for printed materials with director of publications.
Create your media and marketing plans.
Review security and risk management issues.
Stay abreast of your budget.
Make preliminary arrangements for VIP hospitality.
Months Ahead
Assigned to
Finalize invitation design and copy.
Inspect physical plant and request any work that needs to be done.
Hold a logistics meeting.
Make special travel arrangements with airlines or agent and advise participants.
Refine budget.
ReviewA/V needs.
Contact program participants with details of their roles, remarks, arrangements.
Select menus.
Complete your agenda.
Script your program.
Finalize details.
Weeks Ahead
Assigned to
Address invitations and mail.
Select final food and beverage requirements.
Get speaker/entertainers special requirements or handouts.
Order A/V equipment.
A/V technician needed?
Recruit volunteers/workers.