Page 11 - Student Organizations Manual

Any organization approved to use BSC facilities must have an on-campus sponsor,
and that sponsor must be at the group’s event. The party signing the Facility and
Reservation Formwill be held responsible for adherence to campus policies.
Anyone using campus facilities should leave the room neat and orderly upon de-
parture, with furniture and the room returned to its original condition. Garbage
and trash should be left accessible to maintenance crew. All lights should be
turned off when facility is not in use.
All decoration proposals must be submitted to the F&E Director for approval and
No posters and signs may be hung on glass, paint, walls or doors.
Scotch and duct tape may not be used to hang signs.
All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
Nothing may be pinned, taped or otherwise affixed to the curtains inMunger Au-
The moving of college furniture must be done by Birmingham-Southern Opera-
tions staff.
Reasonable clean-up efforts are required of any group utilizing Birmingham-
Southern College facilities. If no effort is made, the group will be subject to a
clean-up charge.
For events held at times other than 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m., and events held in college
facilities normally kept locked, Campus Police must be notified when the event
has concluded.
The college food service provider shall be given first option in catering or other-
wise providing food service for various campus events.
No facility may be used without specific approval in writing on the Facility Reser-
vation Form.
All registered student organizations may reserve space for events through the Office
of Facilities and Events.
The organization should make contact with the Facilities and Events Scheduling
Director (ext. 4904). The availability of the facility will be checked and tentatively
reserved if available. A Campus Facility Reservation Formmust be on record in
order to finalize a date on the calendar, even if the date has been determined by
telephone. Fill out the form and keep the back (gold) copy for your records, and
send the remaining copies to the Facilities and Events Office located inMunger,
Box 549069. If you do not have a form, you may obtain one from the Facilities and
Events Office. Note: This formmust be received by the Facilities and Events Office
a minimum of (10) working days prior to the event to allow time for all the neces-
sary arrangements to be made. If forms are not received, your reservation is not
guaranteed and may be forfeited. If special arrangements are required for any
campus facilities, arrangements must be made with the F&E Director. Example:
You reserve Hill Recital Hall through the music office for a seminar and you need a
lectern, microphone, sound system, and table with four chairs for your seminar.
The setup equipment must be coordinated through the F&E office.
When the form is received and processed, this will officially reserve the facility for
your use. It will be determined if there is any need for equipment rental or addi-
tional security. It is possible that charges may be required for security, equipment
rental or rental fees. If so, you will be notified of the estimated charges.
On Friday of each week, copies of the processed forms for the following week are
sent to Campus Police, Operations, and Food Service.
When any facility is used, the F&E Director should be contacted 10 working days
prior to the event so that the event will be placed on the weekly campus calendar.
The Campus Calendar can be accessed via BSC’s website beginning Thursday for
the following week.
All food or refreshment arrangements must be made by contacting Food Service
ext. 4712). Tablecloths, including table skirting, must be ordered through Food
Service. IceWater, Pitchers and glasses must be ordered through Food Service
for speakers at podiums, panels, etc.)
Arrangements for audio/visual equipment must be made through the F&E Office.
You will be responsible for operation of the equipment unless arrangements have
been made for A/V technical support through the F & E Office.
These procedures and policies must also be followed by all off-campus groups.
Should it be necessary to rent equipment (tables, chairs, sound system, etc.) to
accommodate requests, the rental cost will be incurred by the requesting party.
This must be paid with college or external funds.
Any event on campus where cash is collected or alcohol is served requires a contract
security officer. Contact the Office of Campus Safety to arrange for an officer at least
one week prior to the event at 226-4700. Cost is time and a half, which can range
from $20 - $30 per hour for a four-hour minimum.