Page 10 - Student Organizations Manual

Fill out the onlineWebsite Request Form .
Once the request form has been received and the website reviewed, your
organization will be contacted as to whether it has been approved. If it is
not approved, the organization will be contacted to make changes or ad-
ditions to the site. Note: Any organization posting a site to the BSC server
without prior approval will be automatically removed from the server and
sanctions will be levied against the organization.
Once your site has been approved, your organization may follow the
steps listed on the IT website to upload your page. Your organization
must have an organizational e-mail account and password to connect to
the server. If you have not been assigned an e-mail account or password,
contact the Assistant Director of Student Life. Note: An organization’s e-
mail password also serves as the password to upload the website to
the server.
Birmingham-Southern College reserves the right to refuse to serve the documents
of any user or groupmaking inappropriate or unreasonable use of theirweb server.
BSC Bookstore Policy
The BSC Bookstore will assist student groups in raising funds using student bookstore
accounts according to the following guidelines.
Contact Misty Fingar, Assistant Director of Student Life (226-4730,
) to obtain permission for your organization to charge students’
bookstore account and your account number.
Complete all information on the Student Bookstore Campus Card Charges form lo-
cated on the BSC Student Organization’sWebsite. Alternate forms will not be ac-
All information must be written legibly.
The check request and contact information at the top must be completed
in full. The organization’s account number can be obtained from the As-
sistant Director of Student Life. This must be included on the form.
All columns must be completed except the “QTY”
The account holder must initial in the “INITIALS” column.
Only the original copy will be accepted.
Completed forms must be received in the Bookstore no later than the 20th of the
month in order to have the charges processed and included on the check request
form sent to the Finance Office on the 1st of the following month. The last date to
turn in form for the year is April 20th.
An e-mail will be sent to the contact person listed on the form to advise them of
the amount that has been recorded and that a check request has been sent to the
Finance Office for that total.
A check will not automatically be cut.
The Bookstore will send a request for a check to the Finance Office after the first
of the month.
The contact person listed on the form is responsible for picking up the check re-
quest in the Finance Office and taking it to their advisor for a signature. *Note
that social fraternities and sororities must bring the form toMisty Fingar for
approval. Howwill the student know it is there?
Once the Advisor’s signature is placed on the check request, it must be returned to
the Finance Office on or beforeMonday at noon in order to receive a check on the
following Thursday. No changes will be made to the check request once it has
been received from the Bookstore. Please make all check request information
clear on the original Student Bookstore Campus Card Charges form.
If monies raised are to be automatically transferred into your organization’s ac-
count, please provide the bookstore with an account number prior to the date of
your fundraiser. Note: The organization’s account number must have a clear or net
balance in order to withdraw funds.