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Student Organizations

Student Organizations List


Alpha Epsilon Delta
Pre-Health Honor Society
President: Abhishek Purohit
Advisor: Sue Buckingham
Contact:  anpuroh1@bsc.edu

Alpha Lambda Delta
Academic Honors Society
Advisor: Katie Kauffman
Contact: kskauffm@bsc.edu

Alpha Psi Omega
Theater Honor Society
President: Kiona Reese
Advisor: Michael Flowers
Contact:  mflowers@bsc.edu

Beta Beta Beta
Biological Honors Society
President: McKenzie Davies
Advisor: Jason Heaton
Contact: mndavies@bsc.edu

Kappa Delta Epsilon
Professional Education Society
Advisor: Kelly Russell
Contact: krussell@bsc.edu

Kappa Mu Epsilon
Math Honors Society
President: Sam Crowder
Advisor: Maria Stadnik
Contact: mstadnik@bsc.edu

Mortar Board
Scholarship, Leadership, and Service Honors Society
President: Bhakti Desai
Advisor: Susan Hagen
Contact: shagen@bsc.edu


Omicron Delta Kappa
Leadership Honor Society
President: Bhakti Desai
Advisor: Rick Lester
Contact: rlester@bsc.edu

Order of Omega
President: Sean McCarthy
Advisor: Kyle Lo Porto
Contact: kloporto@bsc.edu

Phi Alpha Theta
History Honors Society
Advisor: Randy Law and Victoria Ott
Contact: rlaw@bsc.edu

Phi Beta Kappa
Scholarship in Liberal Arts
Advisor: Mark Rupright
Contact: mruprigh@bsc.edu or phibetak@bsc.edu

Psi Chi
Psychology Honors Society
President: TBD
Advisor: Greta Valenti and Joe Chandler
Contact: gvalenti@bsc.edu

Sigma Beta Delta
Business Honors Society
Advisor: Rick Lester
Contact: rlester@bsc.edu

Sigma Tau Delta
English Honors Society
President: TBD
Advisor: Tynes Cowan
Contact: tcowan@bsc.edu

Society of Physics Students
President: TBD
Advisor: Tyler Dart
Contact: tdart@bsc.edu


Interest Groups

Mission: : We aim to establish community among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and their straight allies. We also aim to raise campus awareness and understanding of LGBT issues by collaborating with BSC faculty, staff, and other campus/off-campus organizations.
President: Mary Nix Roberson
Advisor: Tim Smith
Contact: mnrobers@bsc.edu

Alpha Phi Alpha
Mission: To participate as BSC members of the APA City Chapter
President: Dreshun Buford
Advisor: Ben Newhouse
Contact: dmbuford@bsc.edu

American Chemical Society
Mission: To promote the understanding and learning of chemistry
President: Maria Philip
Advisor: Laura Stultz
Contact: maphilip@bsc.edu

Art Students League
Mission: Provide opportunities and resources for President: Mackenzie Hagan
Advisor: Pamela Venz
Contact: mlhagan@bsc.edu

Battle Brigade
Mission: To unite the student body together to support both the Men's and Women's Basketball Teams and to cheer loudly and proudly at every home game.
President: J.B. McCracken
Advisor: Jack Taylor
Contact: jbmccrac@bsc.edu

Black Men's Union
Mission: To promote a sense of brotherhood and help sustain the African American male population on campus
President: Justin Woolfolk
Advisor: Eli Phillips
Contact: bmu@bsc.edu

Black Women's Union
Mission: To promote a sense of sisterhood and help sustain the African American female population on campus
President: Charity Gray
Advisor: CaMeisha Brown
Contact: cmgray@bsc.edu

Black Student Union
Mission: Facilitate dialogue, promote education of African American culture and cross-cultural fellowship
President: Hashim Walters
Advisor: Erica Brown
Contact: bsu@bsc.edu

BSC Bass Fishing Team
President: Garrett Whitworth
Advisor: Jack Taylor
Contact: grwhitwo@bsc.edu

BSC Catholics
Purpose: To provide a social and religious anchor for Catholics at Birmingham-Southern College
President: Laura Oliveros
Advisor: Jacqueline Leary-Warsaw
Contact: lolivero@bsc.edu

BSC Debate Society
Mission: To promote the public speaking and argumentative skills of society members by participating in intercollegiate debate tournaments and to promote public discourse within our campus community.
Co-Presidents: Nick  deCastro and Andrea Vancil
Advisor: Joseph Stitt
Contact: ncdecast@bsc.edu or alvancil@bsc.edu

BSC Panther Cheerleading Squad
Mission: To promote school spirit and BSC Athletics
President: Liza Spencer
Advisor: Kelly Christian
Contact: kcordae@gmail.com

BSC Run Club
President: TBD
Advisor: Andy Gannon
Contact: agannon@bsc.edu

BSC Soccer Club
Mission: Learn the love for the game of soccer, teach others soccer, keep in shape, and play with Kyle LoPorto
President: Addison Brown
Advisor: Kyle LoPorto
Contact: acbrown1@bsc.edu

BSC Ultimate Frisbee 
Purpose: To give students and staff members the opportunity to learn to play the game of ultimate frisbee and to compete with other teams
Meetings: Fridays at 5pm; Intramural Fields
President: T.O. Oliver
Advisor: Scott Dorman
Contact: mtolive1@bsc.edu

Coalition for Human Dignity
Mission: Promote, unite, support, and inspire the community of compassion in and around BSC
President: Katie Berry
Advisor: Kristin Harper
Contact: chd@bsc.edu

College Democrats
Mission: Increase efficiency of popular government and foster the ideals of the Democratic Party
President: Katie Berry and Jada Banner
Advisor: Mary-Kate Lizotte
Contact: mlizotte@bsc.edu

College Republicans
Mission: Effectively communicate principles of the Republican Party to BSC campus community and beyond
President: Paige Holderfield
Advisor: Bert Morrow
Contact: peholder@bsc.edu

Commuter Student Union
Mission: Improve communication and initiate campus support for BSC commuter students
President: Savannah Sims
Advisor: Erica Brown
Contact: commuters@bsc.edu

Cross Cultural Committee
Mission: To promote diversity and cultural awareness throughout the campus and community
President: Meryem Tunagur
Advisor: Erica Brown
Contact: ebrown@bsc.edu

Mission: Promote environmental awareness and partake in environmental advocacy
President: Katie Berry
Advisor: Francesca Gross
Contact: EnAct@bsc.edu

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Purpose: The mission of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is "to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church."
President: Taylor Harkins & Ellie Niedermair
Advisor: Kenneth Cox
Contact: vtharkin@bsc.edu or ecnieder@bsc.edu

Field Biology Club
President: Ben Hunt
Advisor: Peter Van Zandt
Contact: bchunt@bsc.edu

Film Club
Mission: Foster student interest and involvement in filmmaking, both on campus and off.
President: Adam Cordelle
Advisor: David Resha
Contact: dresha@bsc.edu

Garden Club
Purpose: To promote a sustainable lifestyle, specifically in health foods, and to create an opportunity for students to learn organic gardening practices
President: Jada Banner
Advisor: Francesca Gross
Contact: bsccomgarden@bsc.edu

Global Gatherers
Co-Presidents: Saurav Bhandary and Katie Deloach
Advisor: Anne Ledvina
Contact: aledvina@bsc.edu

Global Peace Exchange
Mission: To engage, educate and empower students and communities to serve in projects around the world and to create a grassroots movement on campus and in the local community focusing on sustainable development initiatives.
President: Saurav Bhandary
Advisor: Kristin Harper
Contact: sbhandar@bsc.edu

Habitat for Humanity
Mission: Help Habitat Birmingham in local builds and educate public about HfH goals and philosophies
Advisor: Emily Thornton
Contact: ethornto@bsc.edu


The Hilltop Hosts
Mission: Offer prospective students an authentic and personal experience on the BSC campus
Advisor: Adam Roper

Honor Council
Mission: Maintain academic integrity of entire BSC community
President: Braxton Pitts
Advisor: Ben Newhouse
Contact: bspitts@bsc.edu 

Interfaith Alliance
President: Carly Russell
Advisor: Erica Brown
Contact:  cdrussel@bsc.edu

International Student Association
Mission: To be a voice on campus for International Students
President: Charlotte Schorle
Advisor: Caroline McLean
Contact: cemclean@bsc.edu

Love Asia
Mission: To provide a communication and activities platform for anyone who are interested in Asia. To refresh people's perspective about Asia.
President: Tracey Vu
Advisor: Erica Brown
Contact: ttvu@bsc.edu

Math Club
Mission: To promote and support interest in mathematics
President: Sam Crowder
Advisor: Maria Stadnik
Contact: mstadnik@bsc.edu

Martial Arts Club
Mission: Provide open setting for BSC community to work out and practice the martial arts
President: Sabita Devabhaktuni
Advisor: Andy Gannon
Contact: ssdevabh@bsc.edu

Middle –Eastern Central Asia Alliance (MECAA)
Purpose: To Promote an understanding and awareness of Middle-Eastern and Central Asia cultures
President: Austin Culver
Advisor: Dr. Schedler
Contact:  dschedle@bsc.edu

Muslim Students Association
Mission: to provide a means for Muslims, and those who are interested in Islam at Birmingham-Southern College, to participate and engage each other in accordance to Islamic teachings.
President: Dunya Habash
Advisor: Amy Cottrill
Contact: dhabash@bsc.edu

One-A-Chord Gospel Choir
President: Caron Byrd
Advisor: Erica Brown
Contact: ebrown@bsc.edu

Phi Alpha Delta
Pre-Law Society
President: Caron Byrd
Advisor: Mary-Kate Lizotte
Contact: ccbyrd@bsc.edu

The Philosophy Club  
President: Max Menaker
Advisor: Bill Myers
Contact: bmyers@bsc.edu

Ping Pong & Billiard Club
Mission: Promote the sport of Ping Pong and Billiards at BSC and bring together those that want to experience other cultures
President: Saurav Bhandary
Advisor: Mike Robinson
Contact: mrobinson@bsc.edu

Pre-Physical Therapy Society
Mission: To provide guidance and community for students wishing to pursue a career in physical therapy
President: Giselle Dy
Advisor: Sue Buckingham
Contact: gedy@bsc.edu

Pre-Physician Assistant Club
Mission: To provide information to about requirements and expectations of PA schools
President: Shivani Patel
Advisor: Sue Buckingham
Contact: sgpatel@bsc.edu

Quest II Student Programming Board
Mission: Provide and coordinate entertainment for BSC community
President: Stephanie Waldrep
Advisor: Robby Prince
Contact:  scwaldre@bsc.edu

Relay for Life
Mission: To partner with the American Cancer Society to fundraise money for cancer research and patient support through the American Cancer Society. All funds raised will go directly to The American Cancer Society.
President: Kelsey Peake
Advisor: Sara Robicheaux
Contact: kepeake@bsc.edu

Religious Life Leadership Team
Mission: To reach out to the campus community through different areas (service, Bible studies, sports, etc.) and to work with the campus ministers to promote all Religious Life activities and campus ministries events to get students involved
President: Josh Wild
Advisor: Julie Holly
Contact: jbholly@bsc.edu

Mission: To glorify God by sharing the message of Jesus Christ with BSC community in word and in deed
Advisor: Tom Franklin
Contact: tfranklin@bsc.edu

Skateboarding Team
Mission: Learn about the fundamentals of skating
President: Evan Piedrahita
Advisor: TBD
Contact: ewpiedra@bsc.edu

'Southern Outdoor Club
Mission: Provide interested student and faculty of BSC opportunities to boulder (climb 3-10 meters) through expeditions to Moss Rock Preserve boulder fields in Hoover along with surrounding boulder fields in AL, TN, NC, GA and AR
President: William Rice
Advisor: Pete Van Zandt
Contact:  warice@bsc.edu

'Southern Student Squad
Mission: To promote environmentally sustainable transportation practices, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, while building community.
President: Hadley Cavender
Advisor: Ben Posey
Contact:  hecavend@bsc.edu

Spikeball Club
Mission: To foster community and add an athletic outlet for students through friendly, fun, and organized competition playing Spikeball.
President: David Goodloe
Advisor: TBD
Contact: drgoodlo@bsc.edu

Student Center for the Public Trust
Mission: To focus on educating and engaging future business leaders on ethics, accountability and integrity.
President: Lindsey Farrell  
Advisor: Dr. Mary Harrison 
Contact: llfarell@bsc.edu

Student Government Association (SGA)
Mission: Plan student activities and administer regulations concerning student behavior and the Honor Code
President: Denzel Okinedo
Advisor: Robby Prince
Contact: deokined@bsc.edu

United Nations Advocates-BSC
President: Ansley Tomlin
Advisor: Anne Ledvina
Contact: actomlin@bsc.edu

Wesley Fellowship
Mission: To encourage Christian fellowship through weekly dinners and discussions, as well as in everyday life and activities
President: Maggie Ward
Advisor: Julie Holly
Contact: jbholly@bsc.edu

Women in Leadership Development
Mission: Campus-wide partnership devoted to advancing women’s leadership in all disciplines by providing networking opportunities, empowering women through training and education, communicating actively with our student body and community about issues that affect us, and working hands-on with women who need our help.
Co-Presidents: Allison Justus and Jasmine Key  
Advisor: TBD
Contact: amjustus@bsc.edu or jckey@bsc.edu





Bagheera (Formerly The Hilltop News)
Editor: Priyanka Patel
Advisor: Glenny Brock
Contact: pkpatel@bsc.edu

Compass Journal
Editor: Madison Bryant
Advisor: Kent Andersen
Contact: mebryant@bsc.edu

Publications Board
Chair: TBD
Advisor: Robby Prince
Contact: TBD

Service Groups

President's Service Team (PST)
Advisor: Katie Glenn
Contact: kglenn@bsc.edu

'Southern Ambassadors
President: Gates Gentry
Advisor: Adam Roper

Greek Organizations

For more information about Greek Life, click here

For more information about recruitment, please see the “Guide to Greek Life"

Quad Literary Magazine
Editor: Lillian West
Advisor: John Tatter
Contact: lhwest@bsc.edu

Southern Academic Review
Editor: McKenzie Davies
Advisor: Susan Hagen
Contact: shagen@bsc.edu

Southern Accent Yearbook
Editor: Anne Cetto
Advisor: Angela White
Contact: avcetto@bsc.edu