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Physical Fitness & Recreation

The Larry D. Striplin, Jr. Physical Fitness & Recreation Center

The Department of Physical Fitness and Recreation is housed in the Larry D. Striplin, Jr. Physical Fitness and Recreation Center, commonly referred to as the Striplin Center. The Department is responsible for the operation and scheduling for the Striplin Center. The Director of Physical Fitness and Recreation is responsible for the administration of the Department and the supervision and operation of the Striplin Center. The Director is assisted by the department’s Administrative Assistant and the Facility Supervisors.Striplin Physical Fitness and Recreation Center

The Striplin Center is the main facility for campus recreation, the Intramural Sports program, and fitness activities of all kinds. The facility houses:

  • Two Basketball/Volleyball Courts
  • Strength Training and Cardiovascular Workout Room
  • Indoor Jogging Track
  • Aerobics/Martial Arts Studio
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Racquetball Court
  • Golf Simulator
  • Recreation Room
  • Men's and Women's Locker Rooms

Striplin Center Policies & Procedures

  1. The Striplin Center is available to all Birmingham-Southern College students, faculty members (and their immediate families), staff members (and their immediate families), and alumni (and their immediate families).  Adjunct faculty members and part-time staff members are also included. In addition, students, faculty members, and staff members are allowed to bring one guest with them to the facility.  As with the family members, anyone bringing a guest to the facility must remain with them while utilizing the facility. BSC Alumni, auxiliary staff members (United Methodist headquarters, food services, etc.), and Consolidated Pipe employees may use the facility, but do not have family or guest privileges.  Also, members of the College Hills Neighborhood Association and their immediate family may use the facility, provided the CHNA membership card is current for that year and has the correct color stripe at the bottom.

  2. Each current student, faculty member, and staff member may utilize the facility during the posted hours of operation. Due to safety and liability concerns, no one will be allowed to utilize any aspect of the facility during non-scheduled hours, unless details are presented and prior permission is obtained from the Director.

  3. A current BSC ID will be required of everyone who enters the Striplin Center. If any equipment is checked out, the ID card will remain with the Facility Supervisor until the equipment is returned in good condition. The pro-rated replacement cost of any checked-out item that is returned damaged or broken will be charged to the account of the person who checked the equipment out.

  4. Scheduled activities (fitness/wellness programs, intramural sports, varsity sport practices, academic classes, etc.) shall have priority over free-time use of the Striplin Center.  Reservations for all areas of the facility can be made, but the availability of the area requested may be limited.  Reservations may be requested by calling the Facility Supervisor at 226-4937.

  5. Due to safety and liability concerns, no one under the age of 18 years old will be allowed in the Striplin Center unless accompanied by a current BSC student, faculty member, or staff member.

  6. No one will be allowed in the swimming pool area unless a certified, department-approved lifeguard is on duty.  The pool hours of operation will be posted at the start of each term.

  7. Outside groups requesting the use of the Striplin Center must follow the College’s insurance policy requirements in addition to checking with the Director for availability of the requested area of the facility.

  8. All food and drink will be confined to the lobby area on the 1st floor and the vending area on the 2nd floor.  Water is the only drink that will be allowed on the carpeted areas as well as in the strength and cardiovascular workout room and the gymnasium area.

  9. Alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed in the facility at any time.

  10. Skates, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, or bikes will not be allowed to be worn or ridden in the facility at any time.

  11. The Director serves as the “building coordinator” for the campus and is responsible for the upkeep of the equipment and maintenance of all aspects of the facility.  The Director also has the final authority for making reservations for the facility and works in conjunction with the Facilities and Events office.