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Counseling & Health Services

Office of Health Services

The Office of Health Services provides on-campus health care and health education tailored to the individual's needs. When necessary, significant illnesses and injuries are referred off-campus to specialists or health care facilities of students' choosing. In the event of an off-campus referral, it is necessary to present an insurance card and co-pay at the doctor's office or hospital. If a student has no means of personal transportation, it may be arranged through Campus Police. There is no charge for visits to Health Services.

We recognize the importance of students having a place to seek medical advice privately and confidentially, therefore all visits with Health Services professionals are confidential. Client privacy is maintained for all clients with only limited exceptions, and records related to student health and visits to Health Services are held securely at all times. Further information regarding confidentiality and records is available in our statement of the Client Confidentiality, Privacy, and Records Policy

Individual appointments may be arranged by calling (205) 226-4717 or (205) 226-7720
All calls are confidential.


Monday – Friday
8:15 am – 4:45 pm
The office is closed daily for lunch from 12 noon – 1:00pm

Services Available:

Ambulatory Clinic - care is available for minor health problems, injuries, and assistance with referrals as needed.

Laboratory Services – throat cultures are available. Referrals may be made if other laboratory services are needed.

Allergy Injections – allergy injections are administered at the direction of the student's own allergist. Students must provide medication and written instructions from the allergist. Students should call for a consultation appointment prior to beginning injections

Nutrition Counseling – available to students with health problems where nutrition is a concern or students desiring weight loss. Consultation is also available for students who desire to learn how to establish healthy eating patterns.

Phone Consultations – consultations for some health related problems is available by phone.

Health Promotion Consultation –assists students in learning about healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. Assessment of student's lifestyle and health through health risk appraisal is available.

Health Problem Management – assists students with chronic health problems (such as asthma, diabetes, and others) in management of their health while adjusting to college life.

Flu Meningitis Shots – given on campus by a local clinic each fall. Specific dates will be announced in the fall. There is a nominal charge for this service.

STD/Contraception Information and Consultation – sexually transmitted disease and birth control information and consultation is available to students.

Health Education – information is provided on health related topics. Ongoing programs and activities on campus address alcohol and drug awareness and AIDS. CPR and first aid education is available up on request. Printed information on a variety of health related topics is available in the Office of Health Services.

Class Absences Due to Illness - the Office of Health Services does not provide excuses for class absences. Written documentation of visits and illnesses are provided to professors upon the student's request. Students are responsible for notifying professors about illnesses and absences.

Authorization to Release Health Information - Health records are confidential.  This information can only be accessed by parents, legal guardians and spouses when a student gives permission by signing this consent form.

Student Health Insurance - all students enrolled at BSC are required to provide proof of health insurance.  The college does not offer a plan.  For more information about insurance at the  Affordable Care Act Marketplace/Exchange, use the link provided or contact Health Services by email at yspencer@bsc.edu.

General Information – required health records include: Student Health form, a Medical Exam form (including a physical by an M.D. and a current immunization history), and proof of health insurance coverage. Completed forms enable the Office of Health Services to better assist the students. All full-time students should have these forms on file prior to enrollment and registration. This can be arranged by calling 205-226-4717.