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Professionals in Transition

We are pleased to offer our services to BSC alumni and to help you achieve success and satisfaction in your pursuit of a meaningful career, whether you are a job starter or a job changer.

We help you to formulate and realize your career aspirations and assist you with your career transitions, professional development, and workplace issues. We offer a variety of comprehensive programs, services and resources that will prepare and equip you for success in your current job or your efforts to advance in your career.

Alumni Network

We show you how to make good decisions regarding your academic and career goals. Through comprehensive career planning and exploration, you will be empowered to manage your career transitions and achieve your professional and personal goals. Our services are provided free of charge to all BSC alumni. Call today to make an appointment.

Job Market Workshops

We recognize that some of our alumni and recent graduates are facing some difficulty in the current economy. So, once a year, we offer a job market workshop for our alumni and their spouses. This half-day conference, entitled, "Successful Job Strategies in a Tough Economy," provides general training in job search strategies, resume writing, and interview preparation. Get information about the date of the next workshop and an overview of the workshop material.

Workshop Notes

Graduation Survey

Where are you now?  We'd love to hear from you!  We'd be most grateful to you for your perspective as a recent graduate of BSC. Your feedback would be very helpful. Please complete our on-line survey. It'll only take a few minutes.

Graduation Survey

Successful Job Changing

Confidential career counseling by experienced professionals is available by appointment to provide guidance and direction and help you address your individual needs and minimize any fear or confusion you might have regarding your career planning and career transition efforts.

We assist you in developing a sense of professional and personal focus through the career exploration and career planning processes. Learn how to effectively manage your career with the help of our competent and caring career counselors. We offer one-on-one consultative appointments to assist you with the development of your job search strategy and career action plan. We offer alumni the resources necessary to enhance career planning, career exploration, job market research, job search strategies, interview preparation, and resume writing. 

We provide transition consultation for job changers as well as job starters and for those who are professionals in transition (through layoff, termination, or job loss) or for those applying to graduate and professional schools.

We also offer various workshops on job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation, job market trends, professional behavior, and graduate school preparation. These seminars provide practical training for alumni and other professionals in transition.

Coping With Cutbacks

If you have recently been laid off or furloughed, we offer valuable resources and assistance. We offer help with career transition, workplace issues, and job market survival skills. In these tough economic times, we provide critical support to students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Job Loss Resources
Furlough Resources

Sharing Your Expertise

You have a lot to offer! As a seasoned professional, your expertise is valuable to our current students who are preparing for entry into the job market. We invite you to become a mentor and collaborate with us in providing insight and advice to serious-minded, career-oriented students who would benefit from talking with key people in the field.

Our Mentor Program seeks to match up professionals with students who have an interest in exploring a particular field. By donating a few hours of your time each semester, you can help a young student realize his or her career potential. We would be grateful to you for your participation in this project and look forward to working with you.

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