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Gifts of Stock

The college asks that you instruct your broker to transfer the gifted securities to:

Merrill Lynch
For Credit To:
DTC# 5198 Deliver Free
Birmingham-Southern College
Custody Account #435-07494
Contact Brad Osborne/Neal Carroll
205-298-7403 or 800-937-0288
FAX 205-453-1696

You and/or your broker should take care to inform the college that a stock transfer is imminent to ensure that the transaction is completed in a timely way. Please use our Letter of Intent online form available here. Additional time will be necessary when transferring mutual fund shares or non-publicly traded securities.

BSC prefers to have a letter of intent submitted online from each donor, but you may also send a letter to notify of your gift of stock to the college. Please include the following in your letter:

Per instructions to my broker (insert broker name) with (insert firm name) on (insert date), (insert number) shares of (insert name of stock) were transferred to the BSC custody account number 435-07494 at Merrill Lynch.

The approximate value of this gift is $ (insert approximate value of the stock). This gift is to be designated for (insert particular fund or specify for unrestricted use).

Your full name


(Please include your phone number so we may contact you if we have questions.)