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Senior Gift Campaign

Senior Gift Campaign

The Senior Gift Campaign is the first opportunity for senior students to give a gift to Birmingham-Southern. A committee of seniors organize the campaign, and the class comes together to donate one gift, a sign of their collective appreciation for their time on the Hilltop. The Senior Gift is given to the Annual Fund which supports salaries, scholarships, library acquisitions, technology updates, and other needs of the college. The Senior Gift Campaign encourages unity among the senior class and allows current students to learn the value of giving to their alma mater before they become alumni.

Join the thousands of alumni, parents, and friends who support BSC annually by making your first gift to the college today! Simply fill out the form below to sign over the $100 housing deposit you paid when you moved onto campus. If you did not live on campus during your time at BSC, simply contact Bobby Watson at to get more information about how you can participate.

Once you've made your gift to the Senior Gift Campaign, RSVP to the new event Hops & Handshakes! Click here to get details and RSVP by April 28.

2014 Senior Gift Campaign

Yes! I support the Class of 2014 Senior Gift Campaign!

2010 Senior Gift Campaign

I pledge:
$100 $50 $20.14   other $ to be deducted from my room deposit refund. 

Please make my gift in honor of: 

I would like my gift to support:

Faculty Salaries
Student Scholarships


Class of 2014 Goals and Totals:

Dollars to Raise: $13,000
Total as of April 2, 2014: $12,045.84
Participation to Reach: 55%
Total Giving Percentage as of April 2, 2014: 43%

Senior Gift Committee:


Corbin Burns
Catherine Picou
Hollie Russell
Jane Torbert

Committee Members:

Kayla Absher
Tyler Busby
Hillary Dreyfus
Kate Glasscock
Evan Grovenstein

Jason Holland
Hannah Jaudon
DeAngalo Nesby
Emily Prather Stallworth

2014 Donors

Kayla Absher Ann Walker Greenlee Ross Pearlman
Adam Altendorf Brooke Gronemeyer Catherine Picou
Andrew Archer Matt Hansard William H. Pitts
Thomas Henry Ballard Jacob Harmon Morgan Pullen 
Loryn Beachell Brian Haven Anna Quirk
Hart Benton Olivia Hayes Terri Ray
Lauren Bermudez Katherine Heinke Evan Reid
Andres Berrios Kayla E. Higgins Carolyn Robinson
Samantha Bisese Robbie Hindsman Mitchell Robinson
Joseph David Blackwell George Jason Holland II Hollie Russell
Trent Blumenthal Emily Holst Rachel Satterwhite
Victoria Boone Hillary Howze Maulin Shah
Allison Booth Jarrett Hubbard Katherine Shelton
Thomas Boydstun Regan Hubbell Katherine Skeeles
Julie Brennan Haley Ingrum Lauren E. Smith
Catherine Bretz  Bailey Kimbell Mallory Sommers
Phillip Brol Chad King Emily Prather Stallworth
Corbin Burns Kayla King Joseph Stanford
Brooks Busby Kiwi Lanier John Byron Strauss
Tyler Busby Ana Lejava Matthew Sturdivant
Kemian Carson Jenny Lewis Visvanathan Subramaniam
Ellen Chun M'Kayl Lewis Jennifer Sullivan
Christian Clesi Hope Lloyd Rachel Tally
Catherine Clubb-Brown Rebecca Lovell Dallas Taylor
Aaron Crowe Kevin Campbell Lurey Rebecca Glenn Taylor
Rachel Culotta Mia Markris Willie Terrell, Jr.
Lauren Delashaw Matthew McCullough Hatley Thompson
Ian Diament Amanda McFall Reese Thompson
Kaity Dorsett Claire McIlwraith Shannon Thompson
Lauren Erickson Lance Mengel Jane Torbert
Austin Fann Bradford Dodd Mickle Wesley Trevino
Alex Faust Corte Minto Susan Tuberville
Kaitlyn Flagg Brian Moody Frikki Vidarsson
Ralph Dewar Gaines, IV Moya Moore Michael Wallace
Cybil Geiss Sara Moore Joseph Francis Wallace
Shay Gibson Bishop Mostellar Liz Wallace
Catie Gilliland Giavonna Nappo Trey Weber
Kate Glasscock DeAngelo Nesby Brandon Whittemore
Mary Madeline Golden Laura Nolen-Schmidt Mary-Margaret Wilbert
Cory Scott Gonzalez Andrew Bryant O'Neal Caroline Wilder
Raul Gonzalez Sean Orr Haley Williams
Rachel Gosnell Will Owens Taylor Williams
Kaitlyn Green Ayesha Kumar Patel Michael Wilson


Past Senior Gift successes:

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graph 2

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