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about General Charles C. Krulak as BSC’s 13th President

“General Krulak defines leadership. I had the pleasure of working with him before he was a general, and also while he was in charge of the White House Military Office. This was extremely challenging because he coordinated the president’s interaction with all of the military from the personnel to Air Force One and Marine One. But he also had to work with many civilians, political appointees, and public servants who were not necessarily accustomed to taking orders from a general, and his leadership of this operation and all its many facets was outstanding. He is of extremely high moral character. He is a tremendous role model and an example of how people can live their lives. He is disciplined and a terrific listener. He has the courage to make decisions and is never a bully.

“He brings order to chaos. General Krulak has a network of tremendous respect in the academic community, business community, and obviously in the military world, so I have every reason to be confident that he will right the ship at Birmingham-Southern College. He will provide good leadership not only for those at the academic institution, but also for the alumni and those in the community whose support is critical for the institution to be successful. I will always take his telephone call and respond to any need he says should be met.”

--Andrew Card

Andrew Card served as U.S Secretary of Transportation under President George H. W. Bush and as White House Chief of Staff under President George W. Bush. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Union Pacific Corp. and as a senior counselor at public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard.

“Some 4,000 employees of MBNA Europe watched a former U.S. Marine commandant lead the United Kingdom’s largest credit card bank through a financial and operational transformation. As CEO and chairman of MBNA Europe, General Krulak arrived without a banking pedigree, but left with all of the achievements of an experienced financial leader: he doubled profits and assets, improved loan quality, maintained capital levels, and entered new markets. Krulak did all of this the old fashioned way—he created a vision, established clear objectives, and most importantly, he inspired his people to achieve lofty goals. It is little wonder that FORTUNE magazine named MBNA Europe a “Great Place to Work” on Krulak’s watch.”

--Joseph DePaulo

Joseph A. DePaulo is the former Chief Marketing Officer, MBNA Europe, and Executive Vice President, Sallie Mae.

“I first met Chuck Krulak in 1995 when he was the commandant of the United States Marine Corps. My wife and I met the Krulaks at a Christian CEO weekend treat with James Dobson. At the time, I was preparing to take my company, Conoco, public via an Initial Public Offering. I quickly realized that Chuck was not only a great leader but also a caring and extremely smart man. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the world and his keen business acumen. Later, after getting to know him and observing him around young people, I began to see the real Chuck Krulak. He is not just a great leader who inspires everyone around him, he is the kind of leader who is loved by those who work with him and for him.

“He is respected by everyone in an organization from the Chairman of the Board to the most recent young management trainee or clerk. That occurs because his respect and love for everyone is reflected by his walk and interaction with those around him. I applaud a college that has the wisdom to select General Chuck Krulak as its next president. When Conoco became a public company again in 1996, Chuck was the first person I invited to be on our new board.”

--Archie Dunham

Archie Dunham is the retired chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Conoco, and retired chairman of ConocoPhillips

“I believe General Krulak will soon be regarded as one of our most outstanding college presidents. Indeed, he is the most impressive combination of tested leadership, integrity, courage, motivation, and caring that I have known. This coupled with his deep knowledge of the traditions of higher education and the importance of the liberal arts will amount to an exceptional presidential tenure.”

--James L. Fisher

James L. Fisher is the most published writer in higher education on leadership and organizational behavior, and has been a consultant to over 500 colleges, universities, businesses and government agencies. He is President Emeritus of Towson University and former president of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

“General Krulak is such an impressive, redeeming, and unique person. I have great respect and regard for him, and that is shared by a legion people he has led and worked with over the years in the military and outside the military. He is a person of great integrity and authentic principle. He comes from a family tradition of service to his country and that is a very high calling. He put himself in harm’s way to protect our liberty and freedom here at home.

“There is no question General Krulak is a leader of men and women. He brings out the best in people and he expects the best, and people rally around him. But he doesn’t just give orders; he is a coach who nurtures others on how to get things done. He has a tremendous energy level and an engaging and infectious personality—people not only respect him, but they like him. His moral compass and intellect are the underpinning of all this. He is a very substantive and smart person. To his credit, he also knows how to change and deal with change, and in this world and in dealing with young people, that is so important.”

--Mack McLarty

Mack McLarty is Chairman of McLarty Companies, a fourth generation family-owned business, former CEO of a FORTUNE 500 business, and former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton.

“General Krulak is a great American leader and a wonderful human being.  I’ve gotten to know him and his wife over the years.  He believes deeply in the capabilities and qualities of today’s young people when they are challenged.  I have heard him speak passionately on that subject.  His experience with the exceptional performance of young Marines is the source of his confidence.

“As commandant of the Marine Corps, he managed a budget over 13 billion dollars and led over 200,000 Marines.  He will bring a positive spirit, proven management skills, and a love for America to the challenge of further enhancing Birmingham-Southern’s reputation as one of America’s finest liberal arts institutions.”

--U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions

The Honorable Jeff Sessions is a three-term U.S. Senator (Rep.) from the state of Alabama.

“Birmingham-Southern is fortunate to have attracted an individual with the experience, character, and charisma of General Krulak as its next president.  He has already demonstrated his allegiance to this great college and its students, future students, faculty, staff, and alumni by requesting that he not be paid a salary during his first 12 months in office.  He is an individual of great integrity and values, and this college and its Board are in full support of his selection.

“Our long and thorough search has led us to the right individual to be the president of this college at this moment in time.  Not only is General Krulak a highly regarded leader, he brings proven skills in fundraising, fiscal policy, strategic planning, and organizational management to Birmingham-Southern at a pivotal time in its history.  Most importantly, he understands and appreciates the value of a liberal arts education in today’s world, and we are confident the motivational leadership he has demonstrated in the military and in business will further strengthen this gem of a college.

“I would like to commend the Presidential Search Committee for its work over the past seven months to ensure that we selected the best possible person to be president of Birmingham-Southern.  I also would like to thank Dr. Mark Schantz, our provost, who has served so well during this transition time as interim president.”

--Dr. Wayne W. Killion Jr.

Dr. Wayne W. Killion Jr. is chair of the Presidential Search Committee and Vice Chair of the BSC Board of Trustees. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Birmingham-Southern.

“General Charles Krulak will be a tremendously positive force in bringing out the best in the people connected with the college, and connecting them in turn with our city, state, the nation, and the world.  I’m thrilled with his passion for educating our students broadly and well.”

--Dr. Mark S. Schantz

Dr. Mark S. Schantz is Interim President and Provost of Birmingham-Southern College.

“As a BSC alumnus and United Methodist pastor, I am heartened by the selection of General Charles Krulak as the new president of the college.  Keenly aware of the challenges before us, he has contagious energy to enlist the broad, generous support needed to move us forward.  At the center of all this is our common mission: the formation of intelligent, competent, ethical, and service-oriented young leaders.”

--Bill Morgan

Rev. Bill Morgan is senior minister of Canterbury United Methodist Church in Mountain Brook, 1970 Birmingham-Southern graduate, BSC Trustee, and member of the Presidential Search Committee.

“At first, many faculty members were skeptical about the idea of a former Marine commandant becoming the college’s academic leader.  After meeting with General Krulak for one hour, you could sense a spirit of optimism in the room.  The Search Committee’s survey of faculty and staff revealed near unanimity on the question of whether he should be offered the BSC presidency.  Needless to say, the Search Committee was equally enthusiastic.

“I had the chance to spend quite a bit of time with General Krulak.  He comes across as someone who ‘gets it.’  He has done his homework on BSC.  He knows what this college can be, and I was extremely impressed with his thinking on how not only to restore us as a college and community, but also how we might achieve greatness.”

--Dr. Natalie Davis

Dr. Natalie Davis is Howell Heflin Professor of Political Science at BSC, chair of the Department of Political Science, Economics, and Sociology, and a member of the Presidential Search Committee.

“It has been such a pleasure getting to know General Krulak throughout the presidential search process.  He is a man of remarkable character, intelligence, and vision.  I believe our alumni community will be reenergized by his passion and plan for furthering BSC’s mission, and under his leadership, I’m confident that the college’s best days are ahead.”

--Karen Carroll

Karen Carroll is President of the Birmingham-Southern Alumni Association and a member of the Presidential Search Committee.

"General Krulak's commitment to and investment in the development of young people—intellectually, socially, and spiritually—fit well with the mission of BSC. His experiences and leadership will further our success in educating and preparing our students to become leaders in their communities and professions."

--Dr. Kathleen Greer Rossmann

Dr. Kathleen Rossmann is Interim Provost and Associate Dean for First Year Programs at BSC.

“General Krulak will be a breath of fresh air for the students here at Birmingham-Southern College. He is not only approachable, but he will approach you. As a student, I trust him. He has made it very clear that the students are his primary purpose in seeking the presidency, and it is humbling to him say that after such a decorated and successful career making the Hilltop his home would be a great honor for him. He has every bit of integrity, energy, and passion that we wanted when we began our search for the new president.”

--Lee Hopf

Lee Hopf is a senior English major from Warner Robins, Ga., president of the BSC Student Government Association, and member of the Presidential Search Committee.