Safety and Security Report - page 9

Bruno Entrance
: Access to the campus is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. Students, faculty, and staff are issued decals to be affixed to the windshield
of their vehicles. Guests of the College are required to sign in with the Campus
Police before entering the campus.
The College maintains a fence around the campus to define
the College property and limit access. Bruno Entrance is the
only means by which to enter and exit campus.
Building Safety
: At the end of each business day, Campus Police officers secure all
academic and administrative buildings. The buildings are patrolled on a regular
basis until they are reopened the following morning. Persons with a valid reason
for entering an academic building after it has been secured can request assistance
from the Campus Police. Valid reasons for entry may include retrieval of personal
items, books, etc., or being inadvertently locked out of the building.
All dormitories at Birmingham-Southern College are locked on a 24 hour a day
basis and are equipped with combination locks. The combinations are given to
residents only by the Office of Residence Life. Combinations are changed on a
monthly basis or as the need arises. Officers patrol the dormitory area 24 hours
a day.
Combination locks on each dorm are provided to allow 24-hour security of
your living facilities.
24-hour security is provided 365 days a year. Campus Police officers patrol
campus on foot, on bicycles, and in vehicles. Campus lighting is designed to
provide 24-hour lighting to all main areas of campus. Inspections of the fire
systems in all living facilities are conducted on a weekly basis.
Safety Tips
In Residence Halls:
• Always lock your dorm room, even if you are only gone a brief time.
• Do not prop external doors open; the locks are for your safety. Engrave
valuables; Campus Police has an engraver.
• Report suspicious people or incidents to Campus Police immediately.
In Your Car:
• Always lock your car doors when driving or when you park your car.
• Lock your valuables in the trunk when possible.
• In case of trouble, if someone stops to help, ask for assistance but do not get
out of the vehicle; keep the doors locked and the windows up. If you would
like the fluid levels, tire pressure, and spare tire checked on your vehicle before
traveling, Campus Police will be happy to assist you.
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