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Crime Prevention And Awareness
The Birmingham-Southern College Campus Police Department has a designated
“Crime Prevention Officer” with the responsibility of coordinating the College’s
crime prevention and personal safety efforts. In addition to concerns such
as lighting, vegetation, fire safety and other physical safety issues, the Crime
Prevention Officer is responsible for the development of programs designed to
inform the campus community about campus security procedures, personal safety,
and how to prevent anyone from becoming a victim of crime.
Crime prevention programming is a continually evolving process at Birmingham-
Southern College. In addition to adhering to the concept of “Community
Policing” as an overall strategy in crime prevention, the BSC Campus Police remain
cognizant of developing trends and take a “pro-active” approach in modifying
programming needs. Listed below are some of the programs designed to keep
everyone on the Hilltop
safe and secure
ORIENTATION: Mandatory session for all incoming students regarding
personal safety on and off campus.
RAD (Rape Aggression Defense): A comprehensive 12-hour self-defense course
presented annually. RAD is designed exclusively for women as a method of
defense in the prevention of sexual assault.
STOP (Safety Tips for Office Personnel): A program presented to office
personnel by handouts via the campus mail system. STOP highlights safety
issues associated with administrative offices.
OPERATION I.D.: Operation I.D. enables students, faculty, and staff members
to have valuables permanently inscribed by the Campus Police, or to borrow an
inscriber and perform the service themselves. The benefits and description of
this program are advertised throughout the year.
SEMINARS: Seminars are conducted annually for the Housing staff, and on a
routine basis for new employees. Seminars are also conducted throughout the
year upon request for groups in the campus community.
REMINDERS (Direct mailings of safety information): Throughout the year,
leaflets are mailed to students on a variety of subjects including residence hall
safety, vehicle and travel information, personal safety, how to protect one’s
valuables, and fire safety.
REMINDERS (Safety information broadcasted via student voice mail):
Throughout the year, safety messages are broadcasted at appropriate times
such as before students leave campus for various breaks in the academic
year. Included in these messages is information making students aware of the
Campus Police Vehicle Inspection Service
REMINDERS (Safety information posted in the various media sources): As
another mechanism for broadcasting various safety information, the College’s
printed media sources,
Hilltop News
Monday Morning,
are all frequently
utilized in the dissemination of safety information.
ALCOHOL AWARENESS WEEK: The Campus Police, in conjunction with the
offices of Residence Life, the Counseling Center, and Health Services, jointly
sponsor this annual event. The focus of this program is to educate the campus
community concerning issues related to the use of alcohol.
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