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When an incident is reported to the Campus Police, an incident report will be
completed and the matter will be investigated if necessary. Copies of the incident
report are distributed to the Vice President for Administration and Governmental
Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Student Development. These offices,
in conjunction with the Campus Police, will determine the final disposition of the
matter reported and will recommend the appropriate action to be taken, including
the option of involving outside police agencies. It should be noted that incidents
may be reported
by request.
Emergency Response/Notifications/TimelyWarnings/
In the event an emergency arises on campus that could pose a potentially
dangerous or life threatening situation to the campus community, the Campus
Police will immediately, as time and the incident allows, initiate the BSC multi-
tiered system of campus notifications. That system consists of the utilization of
some or all of the following methods: mass notifications via cell phones, voice
mail to campus phones, e-mails, portable public address devices, and personal
notifications. If an incident as described above occurred, members of the
campus community may be instructed to lock themselves within the rooms they
are currently in, or to evacuate a room, building, a specific area on campus, or
remove themselves from the campus entirely. On an annual basis, the Campus
Police, working collaboratively with the BSC Emergency Response Team, tests
and practices the College’s evacuation procedures. During the exercise, The ERT
convenes at a pre-determined location and conducts an enhanced type table-top
disaster exercise. ln addition to addressing the scenario, the campus police deploy
evacuation route signs, activate a test of the BSC Alert (Mass Notification)
System, and actually work the problem as if an actual disaster was occurring on
campus. The exercise is made public to the campus community through the
Office of Communication (OC). In the event of an actual disaster, the OC would
work with media sources to make the community at large aware of the matter.
The most current exercise was conducted on August 27, 2012. The following are
the offices with the capability to enact the BSC Alert System: Campus Police,
Communications, Human Resources, Information Technology. Information
outlined in this paragraph is distributed each fall the entire campus community.
If criminal incidents occur on campus that do not pose an immediate danger to
the community, but the possibility of reoccurring or similar incidents exists, timely
warnings describing those incidents will be made and disseminated to all faculty,
staff, and students.
Emergency assistance is offered for medical emergenices,
fires, and criminal incidents. The Campus Police are
always close by for any emergency situation.
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