Safety and Security Report - page 5

Anyone wishing to be escorted to an on-campus destination should inform the
gate officer upon entering campus, and an officer will meet you.
Escorts are available 24 hours a day through Campus
Police services. If studying late at night in a classroom
building, call the Campus Police for a ride back to your
residence hall.
Campus Police Authority/Local LawEnforcement Agreements
Campus Police officers have the authority to detain individuals involved in
criminal activity on campus. In the event an incident dictates the need for an
arrest, the Birmingham Police Department will be contacted for assistance. The
Birmingham-Southern College Campus Police Department maintains a close
working relationship with the Birmingham Police Department and other law
enforcement agencies.
The campus community is educated throughout the year as to how they should
report criminal incidents, beginning with the written overview mentioned earlier
that is distributed at the beginning of each school year to all faculty, staff, and
students. The various campus media sources, direct mailings, personal safety
programming, the Annual Security Report, the Student Handbook, and instructions
from campus security authorities not associated with the Campus Police are but a
few of the methods utilized in encouraging individuals to promptly report criminal
incidents to the Campus Police. In addition, all incoming freshmen are required
to attend a mandatory session with the BSC Chief of Campus Police regarding a
variety of safety and security subjects including the reporting of criminal incidents.
Reporting of Incidents
If you become involved in an incident or need to report criminal activity, there are
a number of ways to report incidents or acquire assistance. You can contact the
Campus Police by telephone at 226-4700 or in person at the Campus Police Office
located at the Bruno Entrance. If you wish to report a non-emergency criminal
incident to a campus security authority other than the Campus Police, please see
additional suggestions on page 1 under the “Development” section.
If assistance is needed immediately, there are emergency assistance telephones
(blue light phones) strategically located throughout the campus. There are call
boxes at the main entrance of each residence hall. When the emergency phones
are activated, the Campus Police know the exact location of the caller.
Blue light phones are strategically located throughout
the campus, plus at the entrance of each residence hall.
The phones may be used for assistance at any time.
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