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professionals, and clerical staff are not included in the list of campus security
authorities, they are encouraged to make individuals reporting incidents to them
aware of their options, which include confidential reporting to the Campus Police.
This group is also encouraged to make individuals they are counseling aware of
additional options related to victim’s rights, as they deem appropriate.
The campus community is made aware of the availability of the BSC Annual
Security Report in a variety of methods. They receive direct mailings via the BSC
(USPS) campus mail system, and by the various campus media sources. While a
hard copy is not distributed, the exact URL for the electronic version and
information regarding how to receive a hard copy upon request is included in all
notifications. Further, within the first week of the fall semester all incoming
freshmen are briefed on the existence of the report during a mandatory personal
safety session facilitated by the Campus Police and members of the Office of
Student Development.
General Information
Birmingham-Southern College employs its own Campus Police personnel. The
goal of our 15-person force is to ensure safety and provide service to the campus
community. The Campus Police Department operates 24 hours per day, seven days
per week, to provide immediate response to anyone requesting assistance.
Campus Police Phone Number:
In the event of a complete phone systems failure, the Campus Police can be
reached via cellular phone at 365-4109 or 365-4067.
Any incident involving criminal activity, violations of College policies, medical
emergenices, fire or security concerns should be reported to the Campus Police
The ultimate responsibility for personal safety rests with each individual. Always
be aware of your surroundings and potential risk, know evacuation procedures and
report any security concerns to the Campus Police.
The Campus Police are always ready to assist you. If you are off campus and have
car trouble, you can call the Campus Police for assistance. They will either pick you
up or make arrangements to get you back on campus. If your car battery is dead or
your keys are locked inside your vehicle, the Campus Police can help you.
Campus Police
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