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Mission Statement
The Birmingham-Southern College Campus Police Department is dedicated to the
goal of maintaining a safe environment while providing the highest level of service
to the campus community.
FromThe Campus Police Chief
Welcome to The Hilltop!
Birmingham-Southern College is proud of its commitment to provide a safe
environment for its students, faculty, staff and friends. Our department is here to
protect you and your property on a twenty-four hour per day, seven day per
week basis.
This annual report will communicate clearly our commitment to provide
Birmingham-Southern with the highest level of safety and service. We want to
educate you on how to help yourself be more aware of your environment and to
minimize the risk of your becoming a victim.
This report reviews not only the statistics of incidents occurring on campus, but
also highlights ways in which you can help protect yourself and your property.
In an era when personal security issues are of keen importance to everyone, we
are proud of our record of service. We look forward to retaining that record
throughout the ensuing year.
Sincerely yours,
Randy Yougblood
Chief, Campus Police
The BSC Annual Security Report is the result of a collaborative effort of individuals
identified as
“Campus Security Authorities.”
Although the primary responsibility
of producing the report rests with the Campus Police, the Associate Vice President
for Student Development, the Athletic Director, the Director of Residence Life,
Faculty Advisors to student groups, the Vice President for Administration and
Governmental Affairs, and the Provost of the College all contribute to the
development of the report. These departmental leaders are charged with the
responsibility of obtaining information on a scheduled basis from individuals
in their respective areas for the purpose of statistical reporting and for
to the campus community. While counselors, clergy, health
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