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of this nature simply indicates the Board felt there was not enough evidence to find a
person in violation.
Overview of Reporting and Support Resources
Filing an Official Report of Sexual Misconduct
The following list provides an overview of the primary resources authorized to receive
and investigate official reports of sexual misconduct. A more comprehensive overview
of the reporting process is detailed later in the policy.
Alleged Victim or Target of Sexual Misconduct Campus Entity Contact Info
Student, Faculty, Staff, or Guest
Campus Police 205-226-4700
Student Services 270
Ben Newhouse,
Dean of Students
Norton 244
Faculty or Staff
Susan Kinney,
Director of
Human Resources Munger 308
Faculty or Staff
Lane Estes,
VP for
Munger 213
Student, Faculty, Staff, or Guest
David Eberhardt, 205-226-4731
Title IX
Munger 230
VP for Student
Any of the individuals identified above can assist an individual in filing a report;
however, in situations where there is an imminent threat of bodily harm, please
contact Campus Police (205-226-4700) immediately for assistance. Campus Police can
also assist with filing a police report with local authorities. If you’d prefer to contact
Birmingham Police directly to file a report, the non-emergency phone number is
Confidential Support Resources
For those individuals seeking confidential support, the following on-campus and off-
campus resources are available. These resources may assist an individual in filing an
official report through the means detailed above, but they are under no obligation to
report incidents of sexual misconduct nor are they authorized to receive or investigate
reports of sexual misconduct.
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