Safety and Security Report 2013-2014 - page 13

Disciplinary Procedures
1. All forms of due process are observed, and victim confidentiality is maintained.
2. Both the accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have witnesses
and an advisor present at the hearing.
3. Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of the
disciplinary procedure alleging a sexual assault.
4. Students found guilty of any sexual assault violation are subject to any and all penalties
listed in the Student Handbook and subsequent referral to civil authorities.
5. All reasonable attempts will be made to provide normal living arrangments and academic
course adjustments for sexual assault victims following an alleged sexual assault incident.
Missing Student
In the event circumstances lead an individual to suspect that a BSC student is
missing, the matter should be reported as soon as possible to the Campus Police
(ext. 4700), and/or the Office of Student
(ext. 4722). When an
incident of this type is reported, officials within the above listed departments shall
immediately initiate an investigation (at BSC, prior to a 24-hour period), and the
circumstances of the matter will be outlined in an official Campus Police report.
Specifically, initial efforts may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Calling cell phone number provided by student
• Checking the person’s on campus assigned residence for their presence or
• Speaking with the person’s known friends or Greek affiliate, when applicable
• Determining if the person owns a vehicle, and if that vehicle is on the physical
• Reviewing online sources such as Facebook
• Consulting academic instructors, counselors, and advisors
• Attempting to determine if there have been similar incidents with the student
• Contacting the student’s designated confidential contact, when appropriate
If the student has not been located within a 24-hour period or sooner, and
if circumstances dictate, the BSC Campus Police will report the matter to the
Birmingham Police Department for additional assistance.
Each fall, the Office of Student Development shall make students living in
an on-campus housing facility aware that they have the option to register a
confidential contact person to be notified in the case the student is determined
to be missing, and that only authorized campus and law enforcement officials
in proceeding with a missing person investigation may have access to this
information. While not required by law, nonresident students (Commuters) will
be given this opportunity as well, and will receive similar treatment in terms of
investigating the matter.
The Office of Student Development shall make all students aware that in the event
they choose not to identify a confidential contact, that law enforcement officials
will be notified any time a student is reported missing. Further, the Office of
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