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Possession or use of narcotic, mind-altering or other illicit drugs, except on prescription of
licensed physician, or the sale or distribution of such drugs is prohibited by the College.
Where there is reasonable cause to believe that drug abuse is occurring in College facilities,
such facilities may be entered for investigation at any time and without notice by an official
of the College.
Charges made for possession or unlawful use, or sale or distribution of drugs on campus
will be handled by the Associate Vice President for Student Development. The College may
report to the civil authorities anyone charged with violation of drug laws. In all such cases,
the College will be concerned with the guarantees of legal due process with respect to any
member of the College Community.
When disciplinary action is taken in cases of alleged drug abuse on or off campus, such
action may or may not be concurrent with any action pending by the civil authorities.
The College will cooperate with civil authorities in the enforcement of drug abuse laws on
and off campus.
While the College prohibits the use, possession, or sale of drugs by its students, and
its regulations are consistent with civil laws, the College will undertake an educational
approach with respect to drug abuse. Any student who voluntarily submits himself or
herself or who is referred by others for counsel and help with the problem of drug use, will
be assisted. A student who has violated the College’s illegal drug policy may be required to
enter a program which provides professional help for drug abuse.
Statement Of Policy Regarding Sexual Assault
Educational Programs
are presented throughout the academic year on the topic of sexual
assault/date rape. Additionally, the Director of Health Services is available to educate and
consult students on this issue.
If you are a victim of a sexual assault...
Remain calm and alert.
First, contact the Campus Police to report the incident (226-4700). Should you
want to discuss your situation, these persons are available and willing to talk
with you:
The Counseling Center
Michael Lebeau
Sara Hoover
Student Development
David Eberhardt
Tommy Murphy
Health Services
Birmingham Rape Response Hotline 323-7273
Preserve all evidence. Do not change your clothing or take a shower. Also, do
not remove items from the area where the incident occurred. Remember that
this is necessary should you decide to pursue this matter in the future.
If you choose to press criminal charges, you have the option of contacting the
local police.
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