Safety and Security Report - page 11

H. There may be no mention or reference to alcohol in the advertisement of any event.
I. For any campus event (at which alcohol may be present), identification (Student I.D.
and/or Driver’s License) will be checked upon entering the building. Only those of legal
age will be permitted to take alcoholic beverages into an event. Reasonable limits will be
set concerning the amount of alcohol an individual will be permitted to bring into the
facility. No glass containers may be taken into an event by anyone.
J. Compliance with the alcohol policy of Birmingham-Southern College is considered to
be part of the student’s obligation under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
Failure to comply with the policy will be considered to be a violation of that Code and
will result in either a fine being levied and filed in the Office of Student Development or
in the filing of charges with the Social Council.
K. Providing a student I.D. or Driver’s License to another person for purposes of possessing,
purchasing, or consuming alcohol is prohibited.
L. Using or attempting to use a fraudulent or altered Driver’s License or other false form of
identification to possess, purchase, or consume alcohol is prohibited.
M. Beer kegs or large distribution containers are not permitted on campus.
N. Driving under the influence of alcohol on campus may result in, but is not limited to,
the following sanctions.
- The student’s car keys will be confiscated immediately.
- The student must pay a cash fine of $100.00.
- The student must participate in an alcohol program as specified by the Office of
Student Development.
- Failure to submit to an alcohol breath test will result in further disciplinary action.
Don’t drink and drive. Don’t let a friend drink and drive. If you find yourself in such a
situation, call a cab (Yellow Cab, 252-1131), Campus Police (226-4700), or a friend. Don’t
drink and drive.
Psychological and physical addictions, respiratory depression, depression of the immune
system, increased risk of the following: heart disease, cancer, accidents, hypertension,
damage to unborn fetus, risk of impotence, brain damage, possible death at high
dosage levels.
BSC Counseling Center
Alcoholics Anonymous
Al-Anon and Alateen Information Service
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council
Alcoholism Information Center
The Bradford Center
Parkside Lodge of Birmingham
Although Birmingham-Southern College has specific policies regarding drug and alcohol
abuse, the goal of the College is to undertake an educational approach regarding alcohol
and drug abuse.
The Counseling Center is available to assist you in the areas of alcohol and drug
dependence and abuse.
The Counseling Center and Health Services Department sponsor annual programs
(Alcohol Drug Awareness Week) and host speakers in the areas of alcohol and
drug abuse.
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