Safety and Security Report - page 10

When You Are On Foot:
• Walk in groups of two or more.
• Walk in well lighted, populated areas.
• Call Campus Police on a Blue Light Phone if you are suspicious of someone or
require assistance.
• Let your roommate or friend know where you are going and when you expect
to return.
Statement Of Policy Regarding Alcohol And Drugs
Birmingham-Southern is committed to an aggressive education program regarding the laws
and effects of the possession, use, or sale of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. In an era when
substance abuse is linked closely with crime and illegal behavior, education is the primary
weapon available to attack this problem. Birmingham-Southern’s Campus Police force
works closely with the Office of Student Development and Residence Life staff to conduct
programs aimed at prevention and deterrence of possible abuses. Outlined below are the
College policies regarding these two sensitive areas of student behavior.
Alabama Laws Prohibit:
A. Persons under 21 years of age from attempting to purchase, purchasing, consuming,
possessing or transporting alcoholic beverages.
B. Public intoxication as evidenced by boisterous and offensive conduct or endangerment
of self, others or property.
C. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.
D. Unlicensed sale, or possession for sale, of any alcoholic beverages.
Birmingham-Southern College Alcohol Policy:
A. Consumption and distribution of alcohol must be within state laws, local laws, and
College policy. Consumption of alcohol by and distribution of alcohol to those who are
not of legal age is prohibited.
B. The serving, consumption, or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the
following areas of the campus: the Academic Quadrangle, all buildings in which
regularly scheduled classes are taught, Yeilding Chapel, Norton Campus Center, Rush
Learning Center, Phillips Administration Building, Stockham Woman’s Building, Meyer
Planetarium, all areas adjacent to the above enumerated buildings, and at all athletic
sites. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in all other areas must be discreet and
inconspicuous and in conformity with state and local laws. Any alcoholic beverages
which are being consumed in these areas must be in containers which are opaque and
which are not identifiable as holding alcoholic beverages.
C. Public intoxication and/or disruptive behavior related to the consumption of alcoholic
beverages will be considered a violation of this policy.
D. Failure to comply with the directive of a member of the College’s staff in regard to
compliance with this policy will also be considered a violation of this policy.
E. Upon three violations of this policy (a student can accumulate three violations in one
incident) in one academic year, the student may be brought before the Social Council by
the Office of Student Development.
F. A student who has violated the College’s alcohol policy may be required to enter a
program which provides professional help for alcohol abuse.
G. An organization which sponsors an event where alcoholic beverages may be present must
provide non-alcoholic beverages and food at the event.
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