Page 22 - ER Manual

Most campus demonstrations such as marches, meetings, picketing, and rallies will be
peaceful and non-obstructive. A student demonstration should not be disrupted unless
one or more of the following conditions exist as a result of the demonstration:
Interference with normal operations of the College.
Prevention of access to offices, buildings or other College facilities.
If either of these conditions exist, Campus Police should be notified and will be
responsible for contacting and informing the Emergency Director and/or the Provost of
the College. Depending on the nature of the demonstration, the appropriate procedures
listed below should be followed.
Generally, demonstrations of this kind should not be interrupted.
Demonstrators should not be obstructed or provoked and efforts should be
made to conduct business as normally as possible.
If demonstrators are asked to leave, but refuse to leave by regular facility
closing time:
Arrangements will be made by the Campus Police Chief to monitor
the situation during non-business hours or,
Determination will be made to treat the violation of regular closing
hours as a disruptive demonstration. (See next section)
In the event that a demonstration blocks access to College facilities or
interferes with operation of the College:
Demonstrators will be asked to terminate the disruptive activity by
the VPA or designee.
The VPA will consider having a photographer available.
Key College personnel may be requested to go to the demonstration
site in order to reason with the demonstrators. This may also include
student leaders.
If the demonstrators persist in disruptive activity, they will be
apprised that failure to discontinue the specified action within a
determined length of time may result in disciplinary action including
suspension or expulsion or possible intervention by the civil
authorities. (See Directive A, p.24.)
Efforts shall be made to photograph or to secure positive
identification to be used to facilitate later testimony.
After consultation with the President of the College or VPA, it will be
determined if further measures are required by the Campus Police or
by civil authorities.
If the determination is made to seek intervention by civil authorities,
the demonstrators should be so informed. Upon arrival of the
Birmingham Police Department, the remaining demonstrators will
be notified of the intent to arrest. (See Directive B, p.24.)