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What if my data connection is not working?

Our department is responsible for campus network infrastructure and network services for faculty/staff/lab computers. We make sure that the data connections all over campus are active and ready for use by students, faculty and staff. For Resnet connections, please contact Apogee at x3033 (option 1) or 1-877-478-8861.

Mapping a Network Drive

How do I map a network drive?

map a drive

Use the following instructions to map a network drive:

  1. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and choose "Map Network Drive.."
  2. Choose a drive letter from the drop-down list that isn't already mapped(no path is listed beside the drive letter).
    At this point, there are two alternatives to enter the network path.

    You may simply type or paste the path name
    (Example: \\appserve\directorypath) into the folder field (see above image) or continue with the following steps:
  3. Choose "browse" and then select the desired network directory.

    Example: To map to the "directorypath" directory on "appserve":
    *after choosing "browse", go to "campus" in the list and select + to
    expand "campus".
    *then scroll thru the list to find "appserve".
    *then choose the + to expand "appserve".
    *then scroll thru the list until you find "directorypath".
    *choose "ok" and then choose "finish".

    A mapped drive to this directory will now be available by double-clicking the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. You will see the drive listed.

    **Note: There is no "directorypath" directory. This is just an example of how to map to a drive.

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Student personal computer support is available through Apogee 24x7 at 1-877-478-8861.