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Student Account Billing and Payment Policies

Semester Billing

Semester billing includes tuition, mandatory fees, housing, meal plans, and pending financial aid. The Bursar's Office considers pending financial aid as aid that has been officially awarded and is expected to post. The appearance of pending financial aid does not necessarily mean that all appropriate paperwork has been completed and returned to the Student Financial Aid Office. The balance is due by the specified due date regardless of the student's financial aid status. If financial aid is not listed on the student's bill, the balance is due and the student will be reimbursed when the aid is disbursed. BSC does not defer payment for financial aid "in process".

A billing statement is mailed in late June prior to the Fall semester and in November prior to the Spring semester. Billing statements are also available 24/7 on the student's TheSIS account. Due dates are as follows:

Fall Semester Balance Due July 31
Spring Semester Balance Due December 31
TMS Payment Plan Enrollment 10-month    July 1


Fall Semester Payment: July 31st
Spring Semester Payment: December 31st

Payment must be received or postmarked no later than the fee payment deadlines specified to be considered on time. Payments not received by the due date for the prospective term are subject to a $50 late payment fee.

Students who do not pre-register for courses will not receive a bill and will be required to register and pay in person. (Full payment plus a $50 late payment fee will be required to confirm registration.)

Students who decide not to attend some or all of their courses after registration are required to officially withdraw. Otherwise, students will be held responsible for all charges on their accounts.

BSC accepts MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Visa and echeck. Credit Card payments are processed through the student's TheSIS account or by telephone 1-866-894-3709.

Visit our Payment Options link for additional information.

Monthly Billing

The Birmingham-Southern College Bursar's Office acts as a clearinghouse for various charges and credits that are placed on the student's account by departments and organizations of the College. Bills may include both academic charges (tuition, housing, meal plans, etc.) and optional miscellaneous charges (bookstore, event sales, fines, etc.). The College may withdraw miscellaneous charging privileges from students who do not pay their bills on a timely basis.

eBILL- Electronic Billing

The official means of communicating monthly student account statements is through the College's internet-based system for electronic billing and payment, THESIS. Birmingham-Southern only mails two paper statements a year, one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester.

Email notifications are sent to all students at their official BSC email addresses. It is imperative that all students monitor their BSC email accounts daily.

Financial Holds

Financial Holds can only be released by payment of the overdue balance. Payment may be made through the TheSIS - Make a Payment option or by calling the BSC Telephone Cashier System at 1-866-894-3709. Payments can be made up to three business days prior to registration after which time payment may only be made in person at the Student Services Cashier's window.

BSC Payment Policy

Enrollment constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay all tuition and fees and related costs of attendance. Payment policies are strictly enforced. If payment is not received by the due date, a financial hold is placed on the student's account, preventing enrollment in a subsequent semester. Pre-registered courses are subject to cancellation.

Past Due Accounts

The student is responsible for all interest, fines, penalties, and collection costs associated with a past due or delinquent student account.

Although the college would prefer not to use such remedies, BSC has the right to impose the following measures on delinquent student accounts:

  • registration may be denied or canceled
  • the extension of credit and provision of services, grade reports, transcripts, diplomas, and graduation may be withheld
  • eviction from student housing
  • report may be made to credit bureaus
  • accounts may be submitted to an outside collection agency