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For Mainstage
FIRST… If you are interested in serving as an usher for any of the College Theatre Productions, you are
to stay during the entire performance (due to possible emergencies). If you are unable to do so, please do
not sign-up for the position.
Thank you!
College Theatre ushers are to arrive promptly one hour and fifteen minutes
tickets go on sale. This will
allow ample time for reviewing usher procedures and asking questions (whether you’ve previously served as an usher
or not). Also, patrons arrive early and ask questions as to when the house opens or what time the play will be over.
Be sure to speak with the Assistant Box Office Managers concerning these questions because times tend to change
from play-to-play.
You are required to wear a white or light top/shirt/blouse and black or dark pant/skirt.
Smoking is
allowed inside any area of the theatre. Ask those with cigarettes/cigars to extinguish them
outside or to stay outside if they continue to smoke.
Beverages are not allowed inside the theatre seating areas. Be absolutely sure to watch for this after pre-
show receptions and during intermissions as people return to their seats (ie. “Excuse me… Refreshments are not
allowed in the theatre. Please finish them outside or in the lobby. Thank you.”).
The entrance to the theatre seating area is to remain roped off until the Assistant Box Office Managers
authorize opening. When we do open, secure the rope by attaching it to the opposite end of the hook to the ring
mounted on the railing (not the wall) so you, and patrons, will not trip.
The usher
issuing programs
is responsible for standing at the top of the stairs by the railing closest to the
One program is to be issued per
patron. If someone requests an extra program, please explain that we have a limited amount for each performance
and extra copies are not available. (Some students are required to attend performances for class credit and need a
program as proof.
Do NOT hand out left over programs
. Make sure extra programs are returned to the Assistant Box
Office Managers
you enter the theatre.) These ushers are also responsible for reviewing the house seating
area, when there is time, and noticing what seats have or have not been taken. This will allow for placing patrons as
the house begins to fill.
The usher
checking tickets
is responsible for standing at the bottom of the stairs by the railing closest to the
windows. Please check with the Box Office Manager when you arrive to check the ticket color for that evening or
matinee. This usher is also responsible for closing the inner and outer theatre doors leading into the seating area
when the production begins, propping the doors open in preparation for intermission, closing the theatre doors at the
close of intermission, and, again, propping the doors open at the end of the production.
ushers are to be the last ones seated and required to sit next to the ‘exit’ doors.
You are also required to
report any audience disturbance. If there’s a disruption, find out what is happening and speak calmly and quietly with
the person causing the disruption… this may include reminding people to return to their seats after intermission. If
there is an “emergency,” inform the Assistant Box Office Manager
Above all, dealing with everyone, whether they are disruptive or not, be as courteous and considerate as
possible. If you encounter any problems, contact the Assistant Box Office Managers.
If you have any questions concerning these policies, please contact the Box Office Manager between the hours
of 2:30 and 4:45 p.m. at 4780. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a complete message (ie. name,
telephone number, date, the time you are to usher, and questions you may have). Thank you!!
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