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Student Costume Designer (SCD)
Responsibilities begin with reading the script and personal research of period needed; written or rudimentary
costume sketches; must frequently consult with the Costume Designer as purchases must be made using the
Department Credit Card; purchase receipts must be kept in an organized manner, initialed, and notated with name of
production; all receipts must be copied and given, along with the original receipts, to the Costume Designer; and
returning of ‘unused’ items in a timely manner using the original receipts.
Dresser/Wardrobe Assistant:
Is an important position for the smooth running of the production and can be done by someone at any experience
level. Usually two or three wardrobe persons are needed per production, working under the supervision of the
Costume Designer (CD). During the production they assist actors in changing costumes, keeping track of costume
pieces, and assist with wigs, hair, and make-up and occasional photo calls. The Dresser/Wardrobe Crew is also
responsible for maintaining and cleaning the costumes after each performance. Any additional responsibilities are
assigned by the CD.
• Stage black attire – pants, tops, sensible shoes for running in an emergency –
plus flash lights
• No one leaves unless dismissed by the Costume Designer
Costume Manager Responsibilities
The Costume Manager is required to put in a MINIMUM of four (4) hours weekly in the costume shop.
They must collaborate with the rest of their Costume Crew and The Costumer to set up a weekly working
Each crew member is responsible for adhering to this schedule as this is a grade and missing shop
hours can result in a lower grade in THA 201.
The Costume Manager is in charge of restocking any costumes left over from the previous shows as well as
any costumes that have been pulled and are no longer needed.
It is the Costume Manager’s responsibility to work with the Costume Designer, Miss Patti, and the Stage
Manager to create a costume tracking sheet (and itemized list of which costumes end up on which sides of the
stage during the performance, and making sure they are moved to the other side of the stage by either the
Costume Manager or Wardrobe Assistants/Dressers if necessary).
Once costumes have been “somewhat” finalized, the Costume Manager must work with the Stage Manager
and The Costumer to decide whether or not there will be quick changes during the performance. If quick
changes are necessary, the Costume Manager should collaborate with the Stage Manager about when and
where the changes will occur. A Quick Change List should be made and posted on either side of the stage.
This list must include the character/actor’s name, which scene the change occurs
, which costume will be
taken off and which costume will be put on, and average of how much time the actor is allotted to change,
and which Dresser is assigned to that quick change.
Dresser/Wardrobe Assistant Responsibilities
The Dresser/Wardrobe Assistants are required to put in a MINIMUM of four (4) hours weekly in the costume
Restocking the Costume “Emergency Kits” for either side of the stage at least one (1) week before tech week.
The list of the items necessary for the kits is listed under “Costume Emergency Kit” in this handbook
Attendance to all Costume Calls, Production meetings, and Strike.
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