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Before Performance Week
Distribute the Program 1
draft, 2
draft, and final draft to Director, Costumer, and Technical Director for
proofreading. Cross referencing with the original Company list, carefully proofread all drafts of the program and
return to the Box Office Manager.
: Time will be scheduled with the Box Office Manager.
Schedule ushers for each performance and be ready to contact them if they do not show up on time.
Secure a T-shirt provider, take T-shirt orders, arrange for ordered T-shirts to arrive one (1) week prior to opening .
Prepare and post Company Sign-In list for tech weekend, dress rehearsals and run of show.
: Call of the production's Tech Dress Rehearsal.
During the Performance Week
Design and assemble the Lobby Callboard with Production-related materials.
Act as House Manager and assist the Ushers. Use the Usher Policy information in this handbook as a guide.
Dress appropriately (men: coat and tie; women: dress, or skirt/nice pants, blouse).
Make sure the house is clean and all potential audience hazards are addressed.
Announce or post any changes or omissions in the program in an appropriate place.
In the case of bad weather, discuss with and be prepared to help the Assistant Box Office Managers with emergency
evacuation of theatre. Stay on station in the Box Office/Lobby area to be available in the event of a problem. Help
Assistant Box Office Managers as needed.
Note any disruptions in audience and work with Faculty and Staff to eliminate them.
Coordinate with Campus Police any special needs for movement-impaired audience members.
Prior to opening the performance and after intermission, tell Stage Manager when the house is clear. Make sure all
doors are closed. Check for stragglers in the restrooms.
With the Technical Director, prepare a Strike List to post on the Green Room Callboard.
: Post Course Evaluation Forms by call of production's final performance, turn in to Technical Director at the
end of Strike.
After Final Performance
Distribute the Course Evaluation Forms to each company member including Shop Crew.
Collect the Course Evaluation Forms and store securely.
Return the Lobby Callboard to its Pre-show state.
Take the completed Course Evaluation Forms to the Box Office Manager.
: the first day the Box Office Manager is available after the show closes.
Give to the Technical Director and Director a copy of all Attendance Records.
: Wednesday of the week after the production closes.
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