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Before Rehearsal Period
Assist with Auditions if the Company Manager position is chosen in advance.
Assemble a Company Contact List with name, cast or crew position, cell phone, dorm, and e-mail contact info of each
company member and distribute this list to each company member (including Faculty and Staff) by e-mail.
: before first rehearsal.
Meet with the Box Office Manager to discuss:
Program Information Details;
Complimentary Ticket Details;
Course Evaluation Forms; and
: you will be provided with printed detailed information for each by the end of the first week of rehearsal.
Purchase an Attendance Book from the BSC Bookstore or devise one of your own. It should consist of detailed
attendance figures for:
Production meetings with crew
All rehearsals at which crew is required to attend:
(Crew Watch, 1
Run with Props, etc.)
All dress rehearsals and performances for cast and crew
This will include not only who is absent or late, but by how much time each is late and any mitigating circumstances.
The Company Manager is not qualified to “excuse” an absence, but can only Report and Record an attendance issue
for Faculty or Staff members.
Distribute THA 201 Theatre Practicum Syllabus to each company member by e-mail or Moodle.
Post a copy on the Lobby Callboard and the Green Room Callboard.
: Before first rehearsal.
Acquire Drop/Add Forms from the Records Office to distribute at first rehearsal and/or first production meeting and
have cast/crew fill them out then return them to the Records Office.
: Turn in by end of second week of rehearsals.
During Rehearsal Period
Review comp ticket policies with all company members at a rehearsal (cast) and a Production Meeting (crew) and get
the information to shop crew members
Deadline: By end of second week of rehearsal
Coordinate on-campus publicity.
: Make sure
entire campus
knows about production by the Friday before the production opens.
Post any rehearsal information and changes as needed by Director.
During rehearsals, act as Director’s note-taker and assistant.
During rehearsals, prompt actors (script needed!).
Production Meetings
Send reminder calls and e-mails to crew members regarding upcoming Production Meetings.
: 24 hours before each Production Meeting.
Attend all production meetings, take the Roll, and contact any who are absent or tardy.
Take Production Meeting Notes using the format on the following page.
Post Production Meeting Notes to all Production Staff and Crew by e-mail.
: 24 hours after Production Meeting.
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