02 - Practicum Major-Minor and Policies - page 6

The faculty encourages all performing experiences which are educationally valid and which are in
line with the student’s individual abilities, needs, and goals. However, since there is more to be
gained from performing than simply “experience,” the faculty places highest priority on
productions on campus, which are designed with specific educational objectives as their primary
Students majoring in theatre or musical theatre may audition for off-campus musical/theatrical
productions during the regular school year, only with the approval of the theatre faculty.
faculty will work with each student to plan performance activities on campus and will advise
students as to the educational value of the off-campus opportunities. Students who hold
scholarships in theatre or musical theatre are required to participate in on-campus performance
All Theatre and Musical Theatre majors are expected to audition for all major Theatre
Students are expected to arrive promptly, to be prepared, and to be in the
appropriate dress. Students should always wear hair and clothing styles that make them look
attractive and professional; sloppiness is never appropriate for any kind of audition. If a student
has a question about preparing for the audition, the student should ask the director early enough
to make the necessary preparations. Students are also expected to come to auditions with the
dates of any commitments that may fall during the rehearsal/performance period, and write
them on the audition form.
Please note that in listing potential conflicts with a rehearsal schedule, students should
consider only their academic or college scholarship commitments.
Students are expected to accept cast and crew positions to which they are assigned.
Students should have audition materials chosen at least two (2) weeks in advance. Faculty
members are willing to help students in their preparation for both on-and off-campus auditions.
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