02 - Practicum Major-Minor and Policies - page 5

Props may be borrowed for special projects such for Senior Directing Projects and Directing and Stage Management
only at the discretion of the TD or ATD! Acting class members may also borrow props under special circumstances.
All borrowed items must be checked out on the proper checkout forms at the designated checkout times and
returned promptly. Borrowing departmental materials is a privilege… NOT a right!! Please treat all items you borrow
as if they were your own. Failure to do so, or to return items on time, will result in the loss of access to the prop and
costume storage.
Also, the use of Office Supplies is
allowed. You should have your own personal supplies (ie. pencils, pens, tape,
staplers, staples, etc.) for classroom use.
The Underground may be used for class rehearsal time, but students must comply with the following rules:
Students may use cubes and chairs under the central seating unit but must return them after each rehearsal.
All set pieces and props must be struck after each rehearsal.
All trash must be disposed of appropriately before leaving the theatre.
When finished, all stage lights must be turned “off” and the Ghost Light must be turned “on”.
Other set pieces may NOT be brought into Theatre One without permission from a faculty member.
NO SMOKING, NO FOOD, and NO DRINK, other than water, permitted in The Underground at
The Senior Paper examines the senior interim as a “capstone” of your learning as a Theatre Major, but other BSC
experiences may be integrated as well.
Evaluation of your paper is an essential part of your senior grade. It is expected that senior students possess the skills
to write an academic paper, but please know that we are available to consult with you on your outline, thesis – even
read a work in progress (but not the day before the due date).
The completed Senior Paper is due THE THIRD FRIDAY OF FEBRUARY.
PAPER GRADING: senior paper is worth 1/3 of the final THA 499 grade
LATE PENALTY: ½ grade per day of the TOTAL FINAL GRADE.
Final Draft Check List
Appropriate Title and Title Page
Clear academic thesis
Appropriate academic citations
Appropriate grammar - writing style consistent with MLA usage
Double spaced, 23 point font
Paper is eight-to-ten pages in length
Clear are examples from your academic and creative process
Bibliography page
Writing Construction Check List
The paper never strays from its purpose or mistakes its audience. The paper is focused, significant,
interesting, and manageable.
Paper is correctly organized and the organization doesn't seem mechanical or imposed.
Each topical paragraph has a controlling idea, solid detail, and smooth transitions.
The sentences are varied in length and structured according to the author's purpose and emphasis.
The word choice is almost uniformly good. Words are chosen for precise denotation, connotation, and
Mechanically, the paper is correct except for excusable errors of inadvertence and violations of extremely
technical rules.
From: Teaching With a Purpose (Boston: Houghton, 1984)
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